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If you could ban anything at all, what would you ban? Have your say at Banthat.

AjaxLaunch releases ajaxTunes, a web-based media player that lets listen to high-quality music using a preset or custom SideLoad Locker.

Vitamin - Nourishment to help the web grow. A resource for web developers, designers and entrepreneurs.

My bud, Ismael Ghalimi, has been working on an excellent database called, the Office 2.0 Database. It is coming along very nicely and I am ...

Neat Greasemonkey Script for integrating your agenda view from Google Calendar into Gmail. View Greasemonkey Meets Google Calendar to see what it will look like.

View XSL spreadsheets online using the new ajaxLaunch project, ajaxXLS Viewer.

Ask a question, then answer a question - QuestionSwap (thanks Ben!)

weblication: noun (wĕb-lǐ-‘kā-shən) - 1 : A web based application, or web app for short (Slang: "bapp") - 2 : A smartie pants ... - The Internet Clipboard. Simple and easy way to "copy and paste" between computers. (via

Standards in a Nutshell is a smart diagram for explaining Web Standards... well, in a nutshell.

Google buys search algorithm invented by Israeli student for returning topics directly related to the original source (via Reddit).

TechCrunch on Jumpcut, a new online video service including excellent video editing functionality.

The New York Times now using tag clouds for displaying most popular search terms. (via UNEASYsilence)

With the Easter on its way, it is a shame seeing bunnies getting hunted down. Although, it's quite fun when playing The Man in Blue's ...

Apple releases Boot Camp Public Beta, a package for Mac OS X allowing Mac owners to install Windows XP natively. Should I be excited or ...

The New York Times has been redesigned and had increased in features, such as the new Most Popular page. For more information, read "A Letter ...

It's harder then you'd think to get a sandwich named after your blog! Happy Birthday Brandflakes!

pdPMetrics is a neat Google Desktop plugin that allows you to view your Performancing Metrics statistics right from your sidebar. (via Performancing)

Automattic releases WordPress Sidebar Widgets that allows you to add premade and custom widgets in the sidebar of your WordPress powered blog.

Nat1on Soapbox - Receive instant feedback for your site with soapbox, a chat like client using Ajax. (via Genbeta)

Congratulations to MoMB for hitting the 1,000 entries mark! Take a look at all them betas! How many can you identify?

Web 2.0 List - Vote for your favorite Web 2.0 sites!

The Focus and The Pocus - An interesting experiment in color selection using PHP, Ajax, and the Yahoo UI Library. Learn why and how at ...

AjaxLaunch releases ajaxSketch, a vector illustration tool allowing you to create simple diagrams in Firefox and save them as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). View ajaxSketch.

Blogfinder (beta) is an experimental web 2.0 hub that connects influential early-opinion-leaders via a transparent, ajax-founded, tagging/detagging framework. (It got me too, Stowe!)