Some information about Brian Benzinger and Solution Watch

About Solution Watch

Began May 30th, 2005, Solution Watch surveys the new generation of the web, reviewing and providing in-depth walkthroughs of today’s best products and services. Owned and maintained by Brian Benzinger, Solution Watch has grown and become a member of the 9rules Network and Web 2.0 Workgroup. Solution Watch aims for writing quality reviews of products and services that are of benefit to its users. If you know of a service that you would like to see reviewed on Solution Watch, you may send it to Brian Benzinger using the Submit Solution form.

About the Author, Brian Benzinger

Brian Benzinger is a Web Designer/Programmer who is 20 years of age and has been interested with the Internet ever since age 11. Brian has graduated with an associates degree for Digital Media at Gibbs College. He currently works as a PHP and MySQL Programmer for, PARALLEL. He enjoys blogging, creating websites and products, reading books (specifically IT related), hanging out with friends and family, and listening to music.