JetPhoto Studio is a application that is a photo organizer and a web publishing system built for Macintosh. Very simplistic system that can have you an online album and organized picture browsing tool in just a few clicks.

JetPhoto is an efficient digital photo organizing and Web publishing platform, which contains a Mac software – JetPhoto Studio, and a Web service software – JetPhoto Server. Uses JetPhoto Studio to create, organize and review photo albums on user’s personal computer. Only One-Click is needed to publish albums to website based on JetPhoto Server.”

The application features Album Storage that would be stored in album packages that are built of special folders. A photo organizer that allows the user to “organize photos with notes, keywords, time and geographical location.” JetPhoto Studio also has a calendar that will allow you to view your photos organized by date. You may also want to view the GPS system that it allows you to manage by setting certain photographs for specific geographical locations.

Those are just a few of the features. To find out more, view JetPhoto – Digital photo organizing and publishing. (Via)

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  1. Robin says:

    JetPhoto is just updated to version 2. Numbers of new features! I guess you’ll like the new Flash template, iPhoto integration, linking photo on map…