I recently came across this cool Windows program called, Logon Loader. Logon Loader will take any skin that is compatible with its software and replace it with your current logon screen (the screen you are presented with when Windows XP boots up that you select your name from, if you have it enabled of course). Personally, I was getting bored with the same old logon screen that is default with Windows XP, so Logon Loader striked a good interest in me.

Logon Loader makes the task of swaping logon screens easy. Simply select a new logon screen file and you’re set! You can even preview your logon screens before selecting the one you want. Logon Loader also has the ability to randomly select a logon screen every time you log on.”

Once having the application installed, I headed on over to DevientArt for some Logon Screens that are free to use. I download a total of three screens to test it. I must say, it works very nicely. When you select a logon screen you are given a choice to sample it, which was great because from doing this, you don’t have to logout and get your workspace closed just to view it. I am now using a custom logon screen from DeviantArt that looks like a Macintosh logon screen (what can I say?).

Cool customization for Windows XP. View Logon Loader, Custom Logon Screens.

14 Comments on “Logon Loader, Custom XP Login Screens”

  1. faisal; says:

    i want to set my picture in xp logon

  2. alex says:

    it has fucked up my pc and i cant log in how can i get it back to the normal screen without loging in

  3. Jonathan says:

    Press CTRL+ALT+DEL twice at login screen to get the old login screen.

    Make sure u dont mess up the order:

    Hold CTRL, while keeping it depressed, Hold ALT, and while keeping both keys depressed strike the DEL key twice

  4. Adam says:

    This Recked my brand new compuetr dont get it!!!! What a waste of £750!!!!

  5. boobhead says:

    reading these comments i AINT downloading this

  6. User says:

    Just one question to the people who had trouble using this software, did you read the instructions before you started or were you expecting picture to tell you how to do it. I am happy with it.

  7. Aaron Conway says:

    HAHAHA! “Recked a 750 pound computer” It beggars belief there are such idiots amongst free society. This is a great program that will not “reck” anything. If something goes wrong just do as above “Ctrl+Alt+Del x 2″ or go in via safe mode. If you cant manage that then you shouldnt be messing around with windows, in fact you shouldnty be near a computer, go back to your rocks and bananas and stop “reckin” things

  8. snake-boy says:

    Numbskulls – this works just fine. Only complaints are:

    - Preview image only ever shows a preview of the first login screen I installed, regardless of which others are selected.

    - No way to refresh the list of available login screens without closing and re-opening the prog.

    Small bugs, nothing that can’t be worked around. OVerall, this tool works as advertised, and I’m very happy with it. Thanks!

  9. Habiru says:

    The only thing “recked” is the poster’s choice of words. Go back to your fisher price toys.

    This is a great program which works as advertised. If you have half a clue, try it and watch with amazement as your God given intelligence works in conjunction with your nice little program to change your logon ui.

  10. shady1379 says:

    Its some of the logon ui’s that’re the problem, not all of them work. Half of them didn’t show the user box to let you log on and the tab trick didnt work either. But it was only a case of resettin the pc and chosin a logon screen that works, Ii fail to see how it screwed up a pc but hey I’m no expert.

  11. Finland says:

    Works fine for me :D But it is a bad programme to use, BE CAREFULL!

  12. Tommy says:

    What the F*#K! it wrecked my pc too!

  13. ben says:

    i also got same problem. i did pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL but it doesnt show my accounts. if i boot to safe mode, its the same. any solution?

  14. bogsbro says:

    watch ur mouth boy, dont say anything that make anyone want to kill u. hahhahahahahah