Deep Notes, created by Amar Sagoo, is a great note taking application for Macintosh that will allow you to organize your notes in an hierarchical format. You are able to make a list of notes, select colors, make siblings, childs, duplicates, etc.

Deep Notes is a simple hierarchical note pad. You can use it to outline ideas, make to-do lists, or whatever else might need jotting down in a list, hierarchical or not.

Its keyboard shorcuts were designed to let you edit, navigate and control your outline without taking your hands off the keyboard, so you don’t have to interrupt your creative flow and can get on with typing!”

View Amar Sagoo’s Deep Notes Hierarchical Notepad.

2 Comments on “Deep Notes Hierarchical Notepad”

  1. Eric says:


    Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts…..

  2. Internet Website Design says:

    I just got my first Mac maybe 6 months ago. No prior experience with a Mac and it has taken a little while to get used to with no right click and all. But this is a good piece of software b/c when i used pc I used notepad and there was no real way to organize things without your own spaces, asterisks, etc….