Mike Sanders developed qTray (Quick Tray), currently my FAVORITE application. It is a very small program that sits in your system tray that will allow you to add programs, websites, etc into a list and be given the ability to select them anytime with a click or a few keys. I have found this application probably the most helpful since I started Solution Watch and really is a time saver.

qTray (Quick Tray) is a small, handy tool that gives you access to a maximum of 15 of your most commonly used applications via a popup menu. Lean, mean, and never in your way, qTray serves one purpose, and one purpose only – to save time.”

The way I like to use it is by using the Shortcut feature that will have the menu popup directly at your cursors location. Then by assigning a access key to the name from the list, its just a simple shortcut. For example, to open Firefox, I have it set to: Alt + Q + F. Alt + Q will bring up the menu, F will select Firefox. If you want it to have notepad in it, simply do:


There you have it. The “&” will set the letter “N” to the access key. To call it, either right click the icon in the system tray, or do Alt + Q + N. This program saves so much time for me, I love it, and it is only at the size of 34kb!

View the qTray application created by Mike Sanders.

3 Comments on “qTray by Mike Sanders”

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  2. Galo says:

    I think same as You. It is with NoteTAB Lite and Windows Commander my favorites and most usefull tools.

    Worst to me is that the qTar.exe file -in my computer- got corrupted… and I can not download the file from the Author URL (it no longer exists).

    Yours truly

    Galo E. Villarán M.
    «ancora imparo»

  3. Michael S. Sanders says:

    Galo, qTray does still exist, and a new version is coming soon (more menu entries, & now, submenus too). I’ve moved my web page. I’ll post back here w/ the new url. Stay tuned….