Darren Rowse makes an excellent article on how to respond to criticism called, Responding to Blogging Criticism. As we all know, it is very hard to take criticism well. It is in our nature to defend ourselves by whatever it may be, but we shouldn’t when it comes to receiving criticism. Darren points out the steps that he takes with some real examples.

The article goes over:

  • Take a deep breath and give yourself a little space from the criticism
  • Listen to the criticism
  • Respond with grace
  • Try dialogue
  • Let it go

Darren also asks his visitors, “So how do you respond to criticism? What advice would you give?” In the past, I have responded to most criticism and honestly, ignored it but replied in a nice manor. This was a mistake because I should have used it to benefit myself. Advice: Respond to the criticism well and use it.

Great article Darren. Read the article, Responding to Blogging Criticism, from ProBlogger.

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