The new Yahoo! Music Engine is amazing. To be honest, it may be my favorite application on my computer at this moment. This new music program created by Yahoo! puts you in an amazing, free, audio streaming monster. You may also upgrade to Yahoo! Music Unlimited which brings the engine to the next level with features such as downloadable music for $.79 cents and the ability to share your music with friends over Yahoo! Instant Messenger. However, I am more than happy with the free Music Engine.

The YME (Yahoo! Music Engine) has a beautiful interface that is easy to navigate and use. The LAUNCHCast radio and the “Now Playing” features of this program are my favorite. If you have owned a LAUNCHCast account before and liked it, you would easily fall in love with YME. For each song that you listen to on the radio, it will list in the “Now Playing” area of the engine. This is excellent because I cannot name how many times I wish I could have pressed back to see what the song I just listened to was. Now, you are presented with a list of all songs you have played that session.

If you are familiar with LAUNCHCast radio, you also know that you are given the ability to rate every song played by the Artist, Song, and Album. When you rate a song, this will better is automatic preference matching that will try to pick songs you haven’t heard on the radio before and play them. I have around 400 songs rated by now and everysong that comes up are my new favorite songs.

My conclusion on Yahoo! Music Engine, I love it more then I love iTunes, and thats saying a lot from me.

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