Memoranda is an application made using pure Java so it is available on any Java-enabled Operating System, such as Windows and Linux. Memoranda was built to help organize your projectsa and has excellent features such as: Writing notes and documentation, adding tasks, events to a calendar, resource manager, and agenda tracking.

Below is a list of some uses of Memoranda:

  • To have the one solid place where you can see a list of current projects, browse and edit them, add new and remove out-of-date projects.
  • To edit and browse the project documentation. As almost all projects are the processes in a time, we assumed that the time-based diaries would be a better form of organizing the project-related documents, rather than folders and files.
  • To create and edit  “to-do” checklists. It allows to set the time bounds for every task in checklist, mark a task’s progress and see what is already done and on what you should pay your attention today.
  • To have an access to project-related resources (such as external files and web-pages) within one solid workplace. You can collect shortcuts to resources from various locations (local files as well as internet resources) and define an application for opening an each resource type.
  • To schedule the events and get the notifications when they are occured.

View Memoranda, Personal Diary and Scheduling Tool.

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