Scalable Jens Image Replacement (sJIR) is a great method to replace an elements text dynamically with the use of PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and a chosen font. I like Dave Shae’s sIFR, but sometimes the flash just seems to overpower everything and graphics just seem like a good alternative.

sJIR uses javascript to replaces some elements in a (X)HTML document with calls to a image generator written in php. Allowing you to use fonts in your web design that is not available on the users computer.

To replace a header tag (ie: h1) with any font by using the generated graphic, you simply include the Javascript in your page, then declare the font that you added to the server in side of the CSS. Then include this one line to tell the script to process that tag as a graphic with the font of choice.


Great job to Jens Persson on creating it.

View the Scalable Jens Image Replacement (sJIR) project.

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