I have had a growth of interest in writing lately as I am wanting to get serious with blogging. So, I have been looking around for articles, resources, etc. Here is an article that sparked my interest: “How to Succeed as a Writer” by, Michele Pariza Wacek. Wacek argues that your writing ability doesn’t mean much when it comes to writing, but rather your attitude.

If there was a test out there (and there isn’t by the way) but if there was, I would say the test would deal only with your attitude about writing and leave ability flat out of it.

Yes, you heard me right. Attitude over ability. That’s the key to success.

I strongly agree with this statement. However, I do believe that you still need a great amount of writing ability. I like to read an essay and know that the author has talent in writing ability. But, I suppose if there is enough attitude, it can overcome this and keep me in high interest.

Read the article, “How to Succeed as a Writer” by, Michele Pariza Wacek.

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