It took me a while to choose the correct Blogging system that was right for me. I am usually a person that would go and make their own system, but I did not have time. So, I searched around, found some nice reviews on Blogging systems, but nothing really informative. Now, there is an excellent Blog software comparison chart that I would have loved back when I was looking.

The Blog software comparison chart covers many of the top Blogging Software, such as: Blogger, WordPress, and Movable Type. It will present you with a chart about Functionality, Extras, Maintenance, Spam Fighting Tools, Design, and Publishing Interface.

The chart was created by, Susannah Gardner, from Buzz Marketing with Blogs.

View the Blog software comparison chart [via]

One Comment on “Blog software comparison chart”

  1. Stuart Drunsfield says:

    I came upon your review via Google and thank you for pointing me in the direction of the Blog software comparison chart.