Business Plans, they are intimidating. There was a time that I wanted to create a Web Design company with my brother. We felt we had good talent that was good enough to jump in the IT field. We had a site with an extensive portfolio, information on the company, recent project, and all the other goodies you see on company websites. But, we did not have a Business Plan. How can you run a successful company without a Business Plan? Long story short, we never came around to creating a Business Plan and we never came around to working on the company. This is why I wish I had found this article when I was in this situation, “Guide To Writing A Business Plan, by Jerry Glen.

The article, “Guide To Writing A Business Plan, by Jerry Glen,” is a very simple and straight to the point guide that will lead you in the correct path of creating a successful Business Plan.

The Article will go over the following:

  1. Name of Firm
  2. Owner or Owner-To-Be
  3. Information on the Business
  4. Market Analysis
  5. Market Strategy
  6. Management
  7. Financial

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One Comment on “Guide to Writing a Business Plan”

  1. Internet Website Design says:

    Is that the real reason your business never took off? I find it hard to believe that ALL of the successful companies each had a business plan at the start. Maybe not having a business plan isnt ideal but I dont think having guarantees your success either.