Shoebox is a new project in beta by Webshots, part ofCNET Networks, Inc. My first impression… Not another Flickr. But, really it is much more than that and I was very impressed.

I love photography, and I unfortunately haven’t taken a photograph in a while, but I still love to look at others photographs! With Shoebox, you can actually “bookmark” RSS feeds of photo sharing websites, such as Webshots, Flickr, etc. It is like an RSS Reader, but for photos, and that is really cool.

I now have the ability to login to Shoebox and immediately get presented with the latest photos from my favorite websites. How neat is that? You also can have your photos listed in the Shoebox under “Me” and let the whole world see what you’ve got.

And look, Shoebox has a blog too, The Shoebox Blog! Why not signup and give the Shoebox folks your input on their new system?

View Webshots Shoebox.

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