These sites are awesome. When I first came to oneword, I was very confused. I clicked on “Go” and it brought me to a page that had a word, text area, and a bar. The bar kept incrementing in size as the time went by. The object of this site is so that you get your creative juices flowing. You are given 60 seconds to write anything that comes to mind about the word that is listed. Man, is it hard. I couldn’t create anything good enough for myself to actually submit. Was fun trying though.

The oneword website is a chain in connection to poetc, and onecaption. Both similar concepts in that you use your creative ability to make a slogan or a poem. Very neat.

You may also view the archives of all the entries made from these three websites. I spent a good amount of time reading through most of them and is a lot of fun.

View oneword, poetc, and onecaption.

One Comment on “oneword, poetc, and onecaption”

  1. deadliner says:

    Thanks for another great link. This is a very addictive and original site. The timer principle is great, and is exactly what I’m trying to do over at deadliner, ie, set tight deadlines to get productivity and creativity in gear.

    There are some great productivity/writing advice articles on your site. I linked you in my last post, but would you mind if I dropped a link to the writing section in my sidebar?