Our company, Parallel, just launched a fun little project that we’ve been working on called, unFortunate. It’s the only place where you can view, create, share, and print your own fortunes. Check it out!

5 Comments on “unFortunate – Cookies not included.”

  1. Nicolas Elizaga says:

    oh my god, that’s fantastic. If you tell me where I can get a feed or access to an API I’ll make you an Apollo widget :) I foresee this running on a big plasma in our offices

  2. Webby's World says:

    unFortunate: Shares your fortune cookies…

    9ruler Brian Benzinger emailed me to tell me about a site his company has launched called unFortunate, which provides a fun service for people to share (most probably fictional) fortunes from their fortune cookies!
    Some fortunes are hilarious, such as …

  3. k-net says:

    lol, Bush is still president: Most Unfortunate.

    Great site. I’m having fun there. Thanks!

  4. Atlanta New Homes says:

    Agreed, TONS of fun. Keep up the good work!

  5. web 2.0 says:

    We are wating for such feature. Thanks.