MyQuireCan’t get enough social networks? I know I, um can’t. Anyways, here we go. MyQuire, it’s a network where you can handle a lot of different things including tasks, scheduling, projects, even photos. Of course you’ll also immediately find the social community aspects under its skin. Friends, networks, and associates features are there. Brian made the point that MyQuire mimics 8apps a bit in the overall goal its trying to accomplish, and I agree with him. Both applications are trying to make organization, brainstorming, and task handling on the web easier.

MyQuire My Profile

Looking deeper under the surface you’ll find everything you’re used to. You have your own homepage that you’ll be able to edit at will. It’s split up into sections including, Photos, Tasks, Projects, Friends, the Wall, etc. Each section does essentially what you’d think it would do. Photos allows you to upload pictures from your computer. Your main profile holds all the necessary personal information identifying you, age, relationship status, location, email, even spiritual and political preferences. You have your own inbox on MyQuire that you can send and receive messages from other users. Also on your main page you have the “Wall” which simply allows you to post random comments and ideas that may come to your mind.

MyQuire My Files

You have a projects area where you can create projects and assign members to. In the free plan, I felt it would’ve been nice to allow users to create more than one project to play around with. To add members to a project, simply drag the people you want working on the project from your friends list, onto the desired project. Also, each project is logged into a folder in the “My Hard Drive” section of the website also. This area allows you to manage each of your projects folders. You can open up and revise the files within each of these folders in a WYSIWYG. Easy enough. You can create new files in the hard drive sections and they’ll be stored there and displayed under the “My Files” section on your profile’s front page as well.

MyQuire Calendar

The calendar part of MyQuire is probably one of my favorites. It sets you up with a calendar that you are able to add tasks to by day and time. It works very nicely for keeping track of numerous events if your life is a little hectic. You can display them by day, week or month and you can also use the “Subscribe” button to synchronize your MyQuire calendar up with some of the more popular offline calendar applications, including Microsoft Outlook, iCal, and Mozilla Sunbird. The tasks section of the site also has this synchronization feature. Not much to really say about the tasks section though. You create tasks and assign them to a specific due date, if applicable.

While MyQuire doesn’t do anything wrong, it doesn’t do anything really new. We’ve been seeing these networks emerge like dandelions on the internet. One sprouts and soon its ideas fly through the virtual wind and attract others to try and make something similar. I have nothing against MyQuire, it functions, it’s very easy to learn and use, and it covers all the necessary aspects to help people keep themselves organized. Would it be worth upgrading to the Premium plan? I personal wouldn’t, but if it’s your cup of tea, go for it.

14 Comments on “MyQuire: Another Social Network For Productivity”

  1. Cathleen Rittereiser says:

    I posted these comments on “A VC” and reprised them on my blog last Friday. Since then I have started to get more ideas and learn about more products. Is MyQuire the answer to my problem? What about 8 Apps?

  2. Serban says:

    Not doing anything new I am quite impressed about the nice and clean design it features. To bad the markup is not topnotch too.

  3. Matt Wilson says:

    MyQuire is a decent application, and I recommend it to those people who are looking for some place to organize themselves. Like I wrote in my post, the thing about MyQuire is that it didn’t really bring much new content to the table.

    I use two web applications which cover all the features in MyQuire. I suppose if you don’t like have separate applications for everything you do, then MyQuire helps congregate everything into on place, but it’s all preference. Thanks for the comments though Cathleen and Serban.

  4. MyQuire: Red social interesante - Online says:

    [...] Vía | SolutionWatch [...]

  5. quire fan says:

    i’m an early quire fan, and I thought this review missed the big picture. I think the biggest flaw with quire right now is that their product message isn’t clear. It looks like the product hasn’t matured yet (not a lot of content on their front-page). that said this could evolve into something pretty serious. i haven’t seen a legitimate social networking platform that does so much in one place, albeit still a little shaky. if they’re going in the direction i think they are, this could get pretty interesting. show me a social network that seamlessly integrates calendar,web-storage and project management — has implications for file transfer, and allows you to easily tap your network for projects, not to mention a growing database of searchable projects that’s only getting bigger. i say omnidrive, basecamp and others may start to get a run for their money for a more fully integrated suite like quire.

    word in the seattle tech community is that quire is growing fast and working on real-time video and file collaborationfor the platform. anyone know more about what’s in the pipeline for quire?

  6. Matt Wilson says:

    Yeah, I’ll agree with your opinions quire fan. MyQuire has many nice aspects to it, and it’s convenient that everything is in one place.

    My opinion on the product was just that, though everything is on a single network, there are many other products out there that have done the specific features in MyQuire already. Some have done these features a tad bit better and have expanded on the sole ideas.

    I understand MyQuire is in its adolescents stage and it will hopefully continue to grow into a successful product, but for now my opinion remains the same in respects to what they currently have to offer.

  7. Lee says:

    I might be bias, but affirmations are all I need for productivity, Check out

  8. sam says:

    Matt, you said you use 2 other web apps. Curious to see what are those.

  9. Alix Axel says:

    It has a nice light design..

  10. says:

    MyQuire: Another Social Network For Productivity…

    While MyQuire doesn’t do anything wrong, it doesn’t do anything really new. We’ve been seeing these networks emerge like dandelions on the internet. One sprouts and soon its ideas fly through the virtual wind and attract others to try and make so…

  11. psusmith says:

    I read your post and was ready to sign up but then I actually read the User Agreement. It said that my quire had the rights to use any of the material I posted royalty free etc. so I stopped. Does this concern you too?

  12. Alojamento says:


  13. Logo Designers says:

    This may seem like a dumb question to some, but how reliable are these sites for someone who travels and would rely 100% on the planner, scheduler and features of myquire as a backup to a pda or smartphone?

  14. Internet Website Design says:

    Myquire is like a Myspace for business people.