Just a quick note that Virb, a new social network that’s got me excited, has launched today. I was accepted into the private beta a couple months ago and its really come a long way. It’s beautifully designed, has great iTunes integration, and has got a little bit of everything in there. Perhaps what I like most is how customizable the profiles are. Be sure to check it out!

11 Comments on “Virb Social Network Launched”

  1. Nick says:

    Virb rocks.

  2. liquid06 says:

    Hey, I tried out Virb, but the blog doesn’t like html…What am I supposed to use for making bulleted lists and stuff?

  3. Vincent says:

    The thing i like about Virb is that they focus on making new stuff before they make all the boring stuff. Like the blog importer that they just recently ported out.
    I also like the fact that your can really customise your profiles up, that’s why i made VirbRocks.com

  4. Virb Skins says:

    Yeah, I love it too… And check out my website to get a free template if you don’t have the time to build one yourself!

  5. Alojamento says:

    Virb is definitely much more cleaner and appealing than most of the big fish in the market of social networks.

  6. Atlanta New Homes says:

    In my opinion Virb is by far the best networking site out there for people interested in art, music, fashion, etc. I have numerous friends starting up companies off of it, and the same goes for http://bigcartel.com.

  7. Acompanhantes says:

    404 on bigcartel..

  8. Ryan Ward says:

    This looks like a cool site. I’ll have go at using it..Thanks

  9. Columbus Realtor says:

    Great networking site. Fills a niche in the industry. I will be back. :)

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