BitTorrent launched their new digital media download store today in attempts to legalize the BitTorrent process and to, of course, make money. The new site allows users to download and rent movies, television shows, music, and games through the BitTorrent client at a price. Prices aren’t too high, but will BitTorrent users actually pay? More on the new BitTorrent at VentureBeat.

3 Comments on “BitTorrent Entertainment Network”

  1. Mathiu says:

    can you post a link to that download or rent a video site through BitTorrent?i googled it but found 0…

  2. Alojamento says:

    I kinda like their design. Movies and music should be really really cheap, that way most of the people would buy them instead of downloading them from warez sources.

  3. Mustang says:

    I agree, if it were cheaper lots of people would buy instead of cheating and downloading from dangerous websites