“Widgets are killing the Webpage. It is time to go to something else. We are entering the widget economy. We are going there no matter what.” – Netvibes CEO Tariq Krim, Will Widgets Kill the Webpage?

2 Comments on “Netvibes on Widget Economy”

  1. cameron says:

    That’s just silly to say.

    Widgets are contricted to their size. Not everyone wants to do everything in small boxes. Personally I think anything that isn’t useful to the task at hand is superfluous.

    For instance, on NetVibes, I just want to check my mail. While widgets are nice for an overview, everything else on the page is worthless to me at that point in time.

    I can see widgets being very popular for “dashboard” ideas, like in OS X or Basecamp. But replacing web pages? I doubt it.

  2. Olivia says:


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