8appsLast year I had selected the task management solution Orchestrate as a top pick in 25 To Do Lists to Stay Productive. Now Tokyo based startup Jonkenpon, creator of Orchestrate, has launched a service called 8apps which aims to be a social network for productive people. The idea is to create a community where users can not only meet new people but work with them in a suite of productivity based applications. There are currently three applications available in the 8apps suite with five more to come. The first three applications are Handshake, Orchestrate and Blueprint offering social networking, task management and brainstorming. In a blog post announcing 8apps, Jonkenpon explains that they do not plan on competing with offerings such as 37signals or Google Docs but rather fill in the gaps where they lack in productivity with a suite of small, focused applications.

What makes 8apps special is the concept of applications within a social network. Essentially, it’s a social network that you join to be more productive. It may sound strange at first, but I think 8apps is onto something. The 8apps social network is called Handshake and serves as a place to connect with co-workers, meet new people, and show your stuff. Any user that you connect with in Handshake can ultimately collaborate with you in any 8apps application. You can, for example, search for a developer to connect with and brainstorm about a possible project together without leaving the site. In fact, someone has already come in contact with Tim, one of our editors, for possible design work. Not bad considering that we’ve only been registered to 8apps for a week!

8apps Handshake

Handshake consists of all the basic features that you would expect to find in a social network. You can customize your profile, browse through user profiles, send messages to contacts, and add comments to your contacts profiles. The profiles themselves are very minimal, but one nice feature is the ability to append your websites RSS feed to your profile. There’s also a neat skills graph in the right column showing a users level in experience, teamwork, ability, ideas and speed based on contact votes (you can’t vote for yourself). Additionally, Handshake has a Groups section where users can go to discuss any given topic and meet new people.

8apps Orchestrate

The next application in the suite is a task management solution called Orchestrate. 8apps co-founder Jon Yongfook Cockle had created Orchestrate as a standalone application early last year and has since decided to merge it into the 8apps suite. It’s a unique task manager that allows users to create and view multiple tasks lists in one workspace and set focus to specific lists when needed. You also have the ability to color code task lists and share them with your contacts. What I find to be especially neat is how you can quickly create a task list for any project you create in 8apps. Meaning, if I were to create a project in the brainstorming application, I can optionally create a task list to go along with it in one click.

8apps Blueprint

Blueprint is 8apps brainstorming application. It’s an interesting application that allows you to quickly jot down your ideas in a free-form like fashion as well as brainstorm collaboratively with others around the 8apps network. You can add keywords, links and bodies of text to your Blueprint workspace and drag each item around organizing them whichever way works best for you. I spent some time with Matt and Tim (Solution Watch editors) in a Blueprint project called “8apps Review” and found it to be quite helpful in passing around our thoughts. Though I didn’t see Blueprint’s true potential until given the opportunity to join a project by the founder of 8apps. There were around nine people in the brainstorm and everyone was sharing their ideas for an application. It was pretty neat to see such collaboration from random users around the 8apps network.

8apps has only launched its private beta two weeks ago, but I feel it’s already off to a great start. What appeals to me most is how a user can meet someone in the social network and immediately start working on a project together. I also had a great time using the brainstorming application with my friends and found it to be quite helpful. But there are still some rough edges around the existing applications. For starters, the Mail section in Handshake does not have a send mail option (you can send mail by going to a contacts profile) and you can’t view previously sent mail. Also, Blueprint lacks real-time updating of items and automatically pushes around comments between pages when least needed.

If you are interested in trying out the private beta of 8apps, feel free to reach me for an invite – I have 17 invites remaining. Webware also has a nice writeup on 8apps and some invites to handout. (via Mashable)

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