Looks like the rumors are true. Microsoft is planning to launch a free analytics package going by the codename of “Gatineua“. The analytics project is said to be based off of the technology that Microsoft acquired from DeepMetrix Corporation last year. Ian Thomas says they expect to start the project as invitation-only beta in the next few months. Should be interesting to see how it holds up against Google Analytics.

2 Comments on “Microsoft ‘Gatineau’ to compete with Google Analytics”

  1. My Name is Michael, I Got a Nickel… » The Michel Fortin Blog says:

    [...] (In fact, that was the location of a long-time analytics package I used to use for my websites, until they were acquired by Microsoft, called “Deep Metrix.” To give you an idea, Microsoft is about to launch their metrics package to compete with Google, based on that package, codenamed Gatineau.) [...]

  2. Jeff Lawrence says:

    Just as an FYI you can request to be a beta tester by visiting Ian’s blog and hunting down his email address. No word on when it is going to occur, but he is keeping us up to date.