Christopher Hawkins wrote a great article called, “11 Clients You Need To Fire Right Now,” and how true it is. The article covers types of clients that you should not be working for and describes what kind of client they are and why you should not be doing work for them. Christopher Hawkins also describes in the article how to let the clients down easily.

He gives descriptions of clients that are:

THE DISILLUSIONED consistently expresses disappointment with your work even though it is of good quality and conforms to spec.

THE SUSPICIOUS consistently expresses a lack of trust, disdain for your work, or questions your integrity.

THE CHISELER consistently complains about your bill, even though it conforms to the estimate they agreed to.

THE LIAR consistently lies to you.

THE BLACKMAILER consistently refuses to pay an invoice until you perform additional work at no charge.

To name a few.

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