Humble VoiceHumble Voice, think MySpace, but with a pleasant facelift and being overall more versatile. Essentially, it’s a social network for the creative type where users can show off their work, build a portfolio, and connect with friends and family. It has all the recognized social community features that everyone has come to abide by and appreciate. You have your standard profiles, Friends Lists, Bulletin Board, and comments. There’s also a point system in place in which you’re able to win prizes after accumulating certain amounts of points. In general, Humble Voice is a place where any person who is creative through designing, composing music, art, video, and writing can convene to meet others who share similar interests and hobbies.

Music Section

Let’s start with the main sections of the site. They have separated their sections in five major categories: Music, Video, Art, Photography, and Word (Writing). Each section displays the latest and greatest pertaining to its topic. Every section’s main page contains recent and popular profiles. For instance the Music section has a side column that displays the Newest Artists, Most Played Songs of the Day, and Most Played Artists. Featured Uploads, along with the most recently uploaded are there as well. Naturally, for each artist you’re able to go into their profile and listen to their work via the Humble Voice media player. Also you’ll find more information and biographies of the band and its members, along with upcoming shows and pictures, if any.

Point Ticker in Community Section

Next is the community section; this section features a point ticker that keeps and up-to-date track of the active user base on Humble Voice. Powered by Flash, it presents a scrolling list of members on Humble Voice and the points that each member has accumulated according to recent activity on the site. So, the more browsing and participation you do will affect whether or not you’re seen on the ticker. Furthermore, they have an area to recognize the members who currently are the leaders in points within the community. Additionally, they have outfitted the section with their very own Humble Voice TV player. The TV has “channels” that show user submitted videos that you can watch at your own leisure. Lists of the newest members and the friendliest members can be located on this page, along with a link to the Humble Voice store. The community section is also where you’re able to cash in all those points that you earn on Humble Voice. You’ll also find a online chat on the community page where you can openly share messages with others logged in to Humble Voice.

Control PanelMoving onto an area where I believe Humble Voice executes exceedingly well at. Their profile and user account area is very thorough. They’ve implemented a small control panel that lets you freely edit any and all of the things you wish. They give you layout choices for each content area of your profile. You can choose one, two, or three column formation for each content area. You can then mix and match the different layout settings to satisfy what you vision your Humble Voice page to look like. The content areas include: Profile Photo, Featured Text, Actions, Artist Profile, Bulletin Board, Word Gallery, Friends, Blog, and Comments. You’re also allowed to add new pages to your profile. You can then, in turn, add and remove any of the contents areas on the first page. Users can then sort out which content they want on each particular page. This allows for more expansive user profiles and helps diversify your profile from others. So say, for instance, I wanted to make a section for each of my individual interests. I could make a separate page for Writing, Music Composition, and Design. I could add all the content categories that are associated with each of those topics in those specific pages. For example, in my Design page you’d find the Art Gallery and Photo Album content areas, in comparison to say, my Writing page which you’d find content areas such as the Blog, Word Galleries, and Notepad. This feature helps to easily maintain and organize your information so your viewer can easily browse your profile.

Humble Voice's Audio Player

The Music section’s streaming audio player is similar to PureVolume, in functionality. You can add songs from artist profiles to your Library so that you can easily find them at a later date. Additionally, you can also add the actual bands to your library as well. Their Video section mimics the Music section design-wise, but in a more simplified way. You’re able to tag, add comments, bookmark, and rate all the uploaded videos to sort out the bad from the good. Their rating systems compares with many standard five star rating systems, but instead of stars it’s, of course, their logo’s bird. Obviously, you can bookmark videos for future viewing as well. The Photography and Art section are almost identical. Featured work is on the front page, along with lists of a selection of the popular pieces and recent submissions. Naturally, you acquire points from rating and commenting on people’s work. The comments that members submit to each other aren’t moderated, so it could be hard to find thorough reviews of your work, if that’s what you’re seeking.

However in the long run, you get the best of both worlds with Humble Voice. They have nicely designed their website while keeping a wide variety of usability for the members. Topics are organized well, they have a plethora of content for your surfing pleasure, and heck, you can win prizes. What’s not to like? It’s easy enough for the timid online user and diverse enough for the more competent. So if you’re looking to get your work out their and hopefully positively criticized, then Humble Voice is one of your best bets. They have a notable amount of active users for how new their community is to the social network scene, so input on your work shouldn’t be too hard to acquire. Personally, I’m not a hardcore MySpace person, but browsing through MySpace after being on Humble Voice is like drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth. (Yeah, that bad.)

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    Thanks for the propers!

  2. Web 2.0 Sammelalbum - Web2Null - Humble Voice says:

    [...] Humble Voice: Social Network für Kreative Humble Voice ist ein MySpace-ähnliches Social Network mit den üblichen Features wie Profile, Freundeslisten, Kommentiermöglichkeit u.ä. Im Vordergrund steht hier die künstlerische Arbeit der User. Die Seite ist in Sektionen unterteilt, Musik, Video oder Texte, wobei immer die neuesten oder populärsten Künstler aus dem jeweiligen Gebiet auf der Startseite vorgestellt werden. via: Solutionwatch Technorati: Humble Voice [...]

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