If you are a regular reader of Solution Watch, you have probably noticed a drop in activity the last couple months. Well, it’s time for that to change. I am excited to announce that Solution Watch now has some new writers! Please welcome Tim Benzinger and Matt Wilson to the site.

You may have seen their names come up here before. They are the same fellas that I work with everyday at Parallel, a creative studio that we started half a year ago. Tim also happens to be my brother (identical twins) and Matt is my best friend. When I told the guys that I’ve been struggling with Solution Watch lately, they stepped up and asked if they can help. So, we are going to give it a shot and see how things go.

This is a big change for me and its been a goal of mine since day one to have multiple writers on Solution Watch. I just didn’t expect it to be the guys that I work with everyday! But, I’m glad it turned out this way. The three of us are very close, so I can trust them, and we can work together in person. We all still have our day jobs at Parallel, of course, but I’m hoping that things will be more consistent on Solution Watch and more quality content can get delivered to you with the three of us writing.

So, who are these guys anyway?

Tim is a graphic designer who claims himself to be “a problem solving, graphic designing, visually communicating kind of guy.” He’s also turned into quite the businessman since the start of Parallel. Ever since the age of ten, he would dream of starting a design studio and run things how he felt a business should be run. By the time of high school graduation, Tim already had a growing list of clients and knew what he wanted to do with his life. During his first year of college, he took a leap into his next venture and started his own clothing label. And I kid you not, we have a whole screen-printing setup in our basement; conveyer belt and everything. He’s now twenty years of age and can easily say that he loves what he does. He also hopes to start his own blog soon about design and business.

Matt is a designer, a writer, and a very talented music composer that has been a friend of mine for around nine years now. Like Tim and I, Matt has been involved with computers most of his life and started designing at an early age. He also enjoys gaming and learning new music. Possibly one of his best qualities that Tim and I have noticed is his high interest in learning new things and how fast he can pick up on things. He could start learning something new today and already have a good understanding the next day. Today, he attends college studying digital media and works with Tim and I during the week at Parallel.

Expect to see a post from Matt in the next couple hours and some changes around the site. I’m also going to be redoing the about section of Solution Watch (finally) in a couple days and you will be able to find Tim’s and Matt’s bios in there. You will also be able to pull up each of our bios and latests posts by clicking on our names at the top of a post. Lastly, thank you to all my readers for making Solution Watch what it is today. It will be exciting to see where things go from here.

12 Comments on “Changes at Solution Watch”

  1. Chris says:

    That’s super awesome! I follow your site religiously, so can’t wait to see the changes.

  2. Cliff Spence says:

    This is exciting, congrats! Definitely looking forward to reading what you guys are up to next.

  3. Justin Kistner says:

    Welcome, Tim! You’re MySpace profile was the first I saw that totally changed the layout. Look forward to reading some of your posts.

  4. Harshadewa says:

    Great! Your articles has helped me a lot. Keep up the good work.

    Best Regards!!!

  5. Brian Benzinger says:

    Thanks everyone for your support! I’m glad you are looking forward to it :-). Matt just published his first article, so please go check it out! Enjoy!

  6. Scrivs says:

    You know you run one of the best sites in this industry and it was never the quality of the content that kept you from being huge, but the amount of it that was coming out. Unfortunately that’s just the kind of mood the web is in right now so I’m glad you brought on more people to up the quantity of the quality because its not easy finding sites like this one covering the topics you do.

    Looking forward to what is going to happen is an understatement. You best not let me down ;-).

  7. Jacob says:

    This is great news and I look forward to reading Tim and Matt’s new posts, but please dont feel like you have to post loads now. I’ve always preferred the more in depth articles here and this is likely to suffer if you post multiple times a day.

  8. Filippo Inazgi says:

    Good luck guys… see also http://www.businesshackers.com for a site similar to yours but about business…

  9. Brian Benzinger says:

    Thanks, Scrivs and Jacob. And no worries – we won’t be posting press releases or loads in a day and the quality will stay at its usual :-). Our goal is to simply make things a little more consistent around here. Tim and Matt know that they can post whenever they wish and I’m not going to force them to write. It’s just us guys having a good time checking out products and reviewing them.

    Thanks again for the comments!

  10. Scott Carpenter says:

    Thanks for the update Brian! I wish you, Tim and Matt all the best and I look forward to more great articles.

    I’m with Jacob – I prefer quality over quantity so no need to stay up ever night slamming out new articles daily. ;)

  11. Steven Bao says:

    A warm welcome to the new writers. Thanks Brian – your site is great, and the solutions are useful.

  12. Darin says:

    I am a new reader of solution watch, first time I found it from googling, and this site just perfect, contain lots of useful information.
    thanks brian!