I stumbled across this free application called, tinySpell, and I am very glad I did. tinySpell is a very small application that system in your system tray that will correct you as you type. When you type a word, it will check the spelling and make a beep sound and highlight the tray icon yellow if it detected wrong spelling. You can then click on the icon and it will present you a list of available words to choose from, or you can add it to the dictionary of words. tinySpell will also notify you if text that you have copied to the clipboard has wrong spelling.

I have found this small tool very useful, as I am using it right now. I have made a few typos as I am typing this article, and it has corrected me. Another feature that is good and a must have is that you can disable it at anytime by right clicking the icon and selecting, “Disable.” As I was programming for work, I kept getting, beep after beep because, obviously, it’s not going to have the whole PHP documentation in it. So, I found the disabled and went on my way.

View tinySpell spell checker from Numerit.

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