Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of posts and updates the last week or two. It’s been a busy couple weeks on my end. I’ve left one of my programming day jobs last week so I can finally go full throttle with our company, Parallel, and Solution Watch. First week of full-time on Parallel was a bit crazy, but a good one. I’ve also spent the last 10 days researching and writing for a series here at Solution Watch on Web 2.0 with Education which will have three parts to it (Part 1 has been published and Part 2 and 3 are near completion). Alright, just wanted to give you an update. Hopefully things will get back to the normal pace this week. Thanks!

2 Comments on “I’m alive!”

  1. a girl from china says:

    hi,solution watch,i am so glad to see your new post,i have been paying attention on your articles,i feeded them.Best wishes for you:)

  2. Wendy says:

    i really love this song man!! way to go Celine!!