SquirlSquirl is a new site designed for passionate collectors that want to share collections on the web and meet people with similar interests. What I like most about it is that Squirl allows collectors to add any type of collection to their acount unlike similar sites that limit you to specific products, such as Listal with DVDs, books, music, and games. It essentially allows you to create a digital copy of your collections so you can share them with others rather then risk sharing the real thing. Collectors also get a profile in which friends and family can view to browse your collections. Let’s take a look.

Squirl - Main

To start things off, Squirl provides you with a free account and a public address. The free account allows up to 200 items and three collections, and if you need more, you may upgrade to a plus plan providing 5,000 items with unlimited collections at $10 per year (price recently changed and used to be $24.95/yr). Once you’ve got an account setup, login to access your Squirl Home where you can view recent messages and comments from collectors, keep up with friends, and look at featured collections from other collectors in the Squirl community. You can also browse your collections on the right side of the site where you will find recent collections, additions, and tags that you have added.

Squirl - Collection

Before I go on to creating collections and adding to a collection, let’s take a look at a collections so you have an idea of what can be accomplished. You will find basic information about the collection and collector on the left and see a list of items in the collection on the right. Collection items are nicely presented and can be viewed either as a list or matrix of images. You will also find that when in the list view, hovering over an item will popup a box, using Ajax, allowing you to learn more about the item. One thing I did not see when viewing a collection though is a list or cloud of tags. I feel this is an important feature to add as it makes it easier to find what you are looking for. We organize our collection items with tags, so why not use them? It would also be beneficial to list tags in the item popups helping viewers find related items.

Squit - Add Item

One of Squirl’s strong points is with creating and managing collections. The way it works is simple and makes for a very flexible system. You start by creating your collection filling in a name and description as well as basic view and privacy options. Then select “Add Item” and pick one of Squirl’s 30 item categories from the list. Here is where the flexibility of the system kicks in. Depending on the category selected for your item, Squirl will bring up a page customized to fit your items needs. For example, selecting the category, “Movie,” will show that you can either search Amazon and instantly add the movie or manually enter the details in a form relating to movies requesting title, director, cast, and so on. Or say you selected the category, “Stamps.” Squirl will show a page allowing you to manually enter the stamp details asking for its name, catalog number, date issued, and more. I feel this is a great concept and it really makes adding items to your collections quick and painless.

On the social end, Squirl allows collectors to find and interact with other collectors and invite friends and family to view their profiles. I don’t feel Squirl’s aim was to become the next best social networking site, but it provides some basic functionality including adding of friends, sending messages to collectors, and commenting on collections. I can also browse through all collections, find a collector with similar interests, and add them as a friend so we can connect and discuss our hobby.

Overall, I had fun using Squirl and found it to be a great service for bringing collections to the web. Its system is quite flexible allowing collectors to add items of any kind to their account and being able to network with other collectors is a great way for friends and family to share. I felt the interface was a little confusing at times and lacked some features, such as tag clouds in collections, but nothing major. Also, Squirl is just a fun site to browse. I had a great time searching through all of the collections looking at rare stamps, autographs from famous people, and things of that nature.

If you’re interested, check out my Squirl profile where you can find my DVD collection that I’m working on (I know… boring, but that’s all I’ve got). I’d love to see your collections too if you have any.

More on Squirl at CNET and Postbubble.

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    Squirl: A solution to a problem I did not have :) Check out http://www.fullfeeds.com – an attempt at getting a solution to a problem I do have :) Love your site! Thanks for providing full feeds :)

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  5. John says:

    Hi, this is John from Squirl, just wanted to add an update about some new features we’ve added in the past month:

    - Groups. Meet other collectors!
    - 12 new categories
    - An unlimited use plan (basic plan is still free)
    - Numerous tweaks and improvements

    We’re growing like a weed, please come by and have a look.

  6. Squirl says:

    Why are you using my name that I have had since 1970s to promote your ideal.

  7. Peter says:

    Hi, I would like to invite the public to check my collection, and see if they have any good ideas on what i can do with my brass collection

  8. Maggi says:

    I don’t think squirl has quite hit the mark – I don’t even think they’re still around. I’ve tried a few sites that organize your collection and thought I would come back here to share what I found. Because this is one of the first sites that I found when looking for a place to share your movie collection.
    So – if you are looking to do that, I would recommend Movie Collector Plus
    They let you share your collection with others and you can even create a network that lets you link your collections so you can compare movies and request them from your friends. Plus a lot of other cool things.
    I hope this helps somebody looking to share a big dvd collection!

  9. Philadelphia Asbestos Attorney says:

    I’m going to have to list my coin collection on squirl. I got a bunch of buffalo nickels.