Squarespace is a new blogging system that looks very nice. So, what exactly is Squarespace? The website states, “Squarespace is the universal answer to the question: How do I put my _________ online? Fill in the blank on your own: Blog? Business documents? Website? Pictures? They’re all covered. We let you snap together a website in a flash that will allow you to manage all of your unique content right in one place. It can be as professional or personal as you want.”

This interface of the system looks beautiful, clean, and simple to use. The system has been featured on many sites, including the Washington Post, PharmaBlawg, Business Logs , 2Blowhards , and even PC Magazine!

The pricing of this solution ranges from $7 Basic plan to $17 dollar Advanced plan for the Personal sytem and ranges from $20 Tier I Plan to $30 Tier III Plan for the Business system. If you are not too crazy about these prices at first, you can give it a Free 30 day trial, “A Squarespace 30-day Trial Account includes all Advanced features.”

One Comment on “Squarespace, Smarter Web Publishing”

  1. Richard Best says:

    I’m the author of PharmaBlawg and, as my post linked to above probably made clear, Squarespace really is a fantastic website creation (including but not limited to blogging) platform. And it has some new goodies coming out soon too… Like many Squarespace users, I’m very much looking forward to seeing what they are.