MenutopiaMenutopia is a new restaurant review community launched last week bringing thousands of United States restaurants and menus to your computer. Menutopia offers its users a site to review and rate restaurants, search for menus, and even order food online from over 1,000 delivery restaurants in New York. Currently, users can find menus for restaurants in Manhattan, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami, although some areas may have more menus then others.

Menutopia is much more then just a menu site. You can browse restaurants by neighborhood, cuisine, or tags (more like categories) and filter out restaurants that serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner and more. When viewing a restaurant, you can not only view the restaurants menu, but to learn about the restaurant by reading user reviews and ratings. You can also retrieve a restaurants contact information, see where the restaurant is located on a Google Map, learn if reservations are required, find open hours, and even order food online if available.

Signing up to Menutopia also brings more functionality to the site. When logging in, users can add restaurants to a favorites list, make reviews and ratings, add and track friends, and create lists of resturants to, for example, note pizza places in a specific area. When a user creates a list, they are also given the option to share it with the community by making them public.

Menutopia is a neat service, although I have no use for it because I don’t live in any of the supported areas. However, I found it easy to find restuarants, especially when using Menutopia’s smart search, and feel if I lived in one of the supported areas, it could help out greatly. I also found the interface to be very well designed. The user reviews and ratings appear to be accurate and there’s already quite a bit of content on the site. Similar services include MenuTree and GopherNow.

Update: Sorry, jumped the gun a bit on available locations and rewards. Dan of Menutopia has informed me that they are only live with Manhattan at this time and other cities are coming in the next week or two. Although, when I go into account settings and set my account to a different area, it appears I can browse through restaurants (IE: San Francisco brings up 1,797 menus). Dan has also told me that the rewarding functionality is not live yet but will be once everything is settled. If that’s the case, they should probably get rid of the Learn More about Earning Rewards section.

Update: Removed part of review on rewards to not build up expectations, as requested by Menutopia. They also said I was able to access these other pages because of a little mixup that occurred on the site and they should be fixed now.

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12 Comments on “Menutopia – Restaurant Review Community”

  1. Chris says:

    Maybe I’m blind but I’ve never been able to find restaurants in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Miami on that site. The only restaurants I can see are in New York. Could you provide a link for the others? Thanks.

  2. Dan says:

    Wow, thanks for the great write up! Chris – you’re not blind…we’re only in Manhattan right now, though we do plan on launching in other cities soon. It’s great to be listed on solution watch – I linked back from the Menutopia blog here:

  3. Alan says:

    Cool site. The smart search is great for getting straight to the menu I’m looking for. Will definitely use it the next time I’m in NY- come to DC soon!

  4. Emma says:

    That’s a great idea. Now you can look into new restaurants before you even check them out. That will save a trip to a restaurant with a menu you don’t even like or can’t afford. I will definitely check that out if I’m ever in one of the supported areas.

  5. Pops says:

    looks realy cool. i live in nyc and i checked…they have menus for all of my favorite places…so cool. i think i’ll be using this site allll the time!

  6. Chris says:

    Emma, if you are just looking for restaurant’s menus and not their reviews/ratings you can also try out:

  7. Mike says:

    Chris, has been around for a few years and has literally thousands upon thousands of relevent ratings and reviews for any restaurant you might be looking for (in addition to the menus, as you mentioned). It is by far and away the most popular menu/ratings/reviews site in NY (it might be the most popular in the other cities it covers as well, but I am not sure of that as I use it in NY).

  8. PostBubble says:

    Menutopia brings restaurant menus online…

    Menutopia is a community driven restaurant website that makes it easy to find the most accurate, up-to-date restaurant information available and enables users to share their opinions with the rest of the community. Menutopia provides the menus, but th…

  9. Social Intelligence » Blog Archive » Menutopia - social network for reviewing restaurants - Social Networking Watch List and Analysis says:

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  10. vartan says:

    We have offices in NYC, LA, and Las Vegas with a lot of vistors from overseas. On-line menus save the day when you need to know what the check may be. We use for LA and LV.

  11. Antonio says:

    I also run a fireside community website in the foodie and dining arena called We are focused on the larger social conversation of food with elements of restaurant search and menu search. We have a huge beta launch at the end of Feb and we are in our alpha stage. You can check us give me any opinions and suggestion of what you’d want to see on the site.

    And I am fan of Menutopia and seamlessweb. They are two great sites!

  12. Stephanie says:

    Another great source for ethnically diverse restaurants in LA is they also have blogs set up for different communities. check it out.