TraineoTraineo, launched yesterday, is a weight loss and fitness site designed to help track and reach your weight loss goals. If you’ve tried to lose weight before, you would know that it’s no simple task. It takes a lot of time and dedication and you’ve got to be highly motivated. Traineo aims help make the process easier by providing users with a simple website for recording and tracking their weight loss progress. Traineo users can also invite friends and family as motivators to help cheer you on, or yell at you, as the days pass by. Let’s take a look.

The way Traineo works is simple. At the end of the day, users login and fill out a couple simple forms (only takes a minute) that record their workout routines, calorie consumption, and weight. The user can then browse to their profile to view detailed reports on their progress, including graphs. Also, If the user has motivators (up to four), each motivator will receive a email on a weekly basis filling them in with the users progress. Motivators can then optionally send a supportive message to the user if they have been doing well or send a negative message if they’ve been slacking.

To get started, register free with Traineo. The registration is a three step process asking you for basic user information, your weight and height, and the goal you would like to achieve. Once complete, you will receive your own Traineo address ( and will be directed to the main page of Traineo where you will go to fill out your daily progress.

Traineo Home Page

Traineo has a very rich interface with all the Web 2.0 design elements and uses Ajax all throughout the site making filling out forms and performing actions as quick as possible. Every page your browse to gives a quick look at your progress, telling you the amount of time you have been a member and how many pounds you have to go until reaching your goal. Each page also provides you with a list of each of your motivators, recent discussion from the Traineo community, and latest aggregated articles from Traineo experts giving various tips on weight loss and fitness.

Traineo Diet

You will see five pages to choose from on Traineo’s main page, three of which are forms that you are to fill out daily: My Workout, My Diet, My Stats, About Me, and Messages. The workout page is where you go to fill in up to three different activities that you have done during your day. Select an activity, specify the amount of time you spent doing the activity, and Traineo will automatically calculate the amount of calories you have burned that day. The diet page lets you rate your diet for the day and give the amount of calories you have consumed. Based on your input, Traineo will return your daily diet score (higher the number, the better). The next page is your stats page where you tell Traineo basic stats like todays weight, height, and BMI (Body mass index) and it will return a simple message saying how much weight you have lost so far and show a graph of your progress.

Traineo Profile

Traineo is also a community. You can browse to the members section and view how other members are progressing, participate in the forums, and catch up on articles written to help inform you of weight loss and fitness facts and tips. Browsing to the members section also allows you to search for motivators that may be willing to help you achieve your goal. Motivators are members with gold stars over their photos and if interested, you can send a message to them requesting they become your motivator. Searching around for a bit, I stumbled across Chris’s profile, one of the guys behind Traineo. Chris’s profile, seen in the screenshot above, is a good example of how your profile page ( will look after using it for a couple days. You can see information including your start weight, how much you have lost, and how many pounds you have to go. You can also view line graphs that better illustrates your progress.

All in all, I think Traineo is an excellent service. Anyone can easily signup for free, track their progress as the days go by, and get friends and family involved as support. The site is very simple to use and the community is very informative and helpful. I’ve only known about the service for one day and I’ve already got a friend to start using it and I am going to be monitoring her progress as a motivator. Just seeing the service got her all excited and now she’s ready to get working. So, if your working on losing some weight, give Traineo a try. It may be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

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  7. Meredith says:

    Hopefully this one will be better than – I tried that site and didn’t like it. It wasn’t very Web 2.0 though, so maybe I’ll like this one better…I like my tools shiny.

  8. Chris says:

    Just heard about this one …thanks for the info…

  9. webpodge says:

    Traineo – 3 Week Review of Web 2.0 Weight Loss Application…

    When I saw that was coming out with a Web 2.0 Weight Loss application I was like hmmm…, I’m for weight loss and I’m for Web 2.0 so I figured why not. So here’s my 3 week review of using Traineo.

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  10. PK says:

    I think the social networking motivator feature needs a bit of tweaking. Most people when they are trying to lose weight don’t really like to let everyone know how overweight they are, but I think that Team Traineo will get there.

    The changes I would make would start with having designated motivators, and case studies of people that have used Traineo. They could display case studies of people that are similar to you with your same weight loss goals and how they lost weight.

    Good find on Traineo SolutionWatch!

  11. Allen says:

    FYI, My Web Apps Fat-Off begins on Sunday:

  12. Bill says:

    Any tool that you can use to help support and motivate you to lose weight and keep it off is important.

  13. Barbara says:

    Most successful weight loss is about support, and Peertrainer provides more of a human touch. Peertrainer’s homepage features people. Sounds basic- but at the end of the day that is what it is all about.

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  15. Exercise says:

    Exercise is the key to successful weight loss. Keep up the good work.