has redesigned yet again, and just when I was starting to get used to the last change! Only the main page of has had significant changes made, now including screenshots, hot stuff (popular bookmarks at the moment), and more focus on the number of people that have bookmarked the hot sites. You will also see an area on the right called, “Tags to Watch,” displaying five tags, each listing three bookmarks. It isn’t a big design change, but I do feel that the addition of screenshots does make the main page more appealing and will help to bring more attention to the main page.

Steve Rubel has also found that has started serving Yahoo’s contextual advertisements on it’s search page. When making a search, you will see the results on the left as normal and sponsored results on the right. As Steve has said, what makes this change so important is that has never served advertisements before and that it’s only time until Yahoo tagets individual tag pages. redesign

5 Comments on “ Redesigns, Again. Plus Contextual Ads”

  1. Bri says:

    I think most people saw the contextual adds coming after the Yahoo! acquisition.

    I wonder if they’ll offer an API for the screenshots like Alexa has? Or if Yahoo will add screenshots in some of its search projects (if they already haven’t)?

  2. PostBubble says:

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    Here is our podcast for Thursday, August 17th, 2006. Today we cover YouTube’s brief unplanned outage,’s 1st birthday, A Delicious redesign, and IAC’s latest purchase.
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  5. Mario says:

    I think that Yahoo won’t give screenshot so soon… why not use already made api control functions?