VideoJugVideoJug, launched into public beta two days ago, is a site with the aim of creating a place where you can find and share advice, wisdom and know-how through video. If you are a visual learner, you will love VideoJug. VideoJug is like a video-handbook to life where VideoJug and its users create and share informative and helpful videos that teach how to perform certain tasks. You can learn everything from tying a tie to eating sushi, and the best part is, it’s fun! If you have a question, VideoJug aims to have the answer.

The way it works is simple, and unlike your average video sharing site, users are not the only source of videos. This is because VideoJug has actually set out to create thousands of instructional videos that teach you how to perform tasks part of our everyday lives. Users can also contribute to the website by recording their own instructional videos and uploading them for others to learn from. You can find videos on cooking, house repair, technology, health, and more. Also, I found that the VideoJug created movies aren’t just basic home videos showing you how to do something. They are actually very well made and professional videos performed by real experts. Take the foods category for example. You will find that some of the videos take you to real restaurants and have chefs actually take you through step by step. Pretty impressive.

VideoJug has all the basic video sharing features and more. Users can upload and tag videos as well as search, rate, and comment on videos. VideoJug also provides viewers with in-video captions that inform you on what to do as the video plays. Users can even pull up text versions that go along with the video, so if you missed something or want to refer to instruction later, you can print them out. For example, this video that teaches you how to tie a tie will show you captions as you watch the video as well as provide full instructions in the text version. VideoJug also allows its users to download any video to their iPod, mobile phone, and PSP so you can learn on the go.

All in all, I like what VideoJug is doing. I’ve always loved learning by video online and now its easier then ever. The videos created by VideoJug are very well made and enjoyable to watch, but I can’t say the same for user submitted videos because I have not found any yet! I’m not sure if this is just because they are new, but I hope to see some soon as I’m interested in how that will work. I also feel that VideoJug is missing some important elements here and there that are common in video sharing sites, such as tag clouds. I also had a hard time navigating every once in a while. For example, in the members area, I could not find an upload button. But, overall, I enjoyed using the service. Lastly, for those of you interested, VideoJug’s business model is to simply serve advertisements and sponsorships spots on the site to remain a free service. Now, back to learning how to golf ;-).

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    Great site – I just learned something on VideoJug – that you can retrieve a message that’s already been sent.

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