Amazon has just released its own mapping too, Maps, that is currently in Beta. First impressions, awesome. When you first go to Maps, you are presented with a search form and a list of locations below that have, what Amazon is calling them, Block View Images.

Block View Images are what got me excited about this release. I love Google Maps, but Maps has won me on the Block View images. The first example I went to was, New York, NY. It shows a beautiful display of the area of New York, and then you see on the right the Block View images. This was really neat because the first picture that came up, I have been at before. I go over a few blocks with the magnifying glass and am presented with another picture of a location I have been to. Love the Block View images.

Another feature of Maps that I love is the way that you can scan an area by the box on the top right. The box is a smaller view of the area that you are looking at the has another red bordered box on the inside. This smaller box is what you click and drag with to view different location of the map. I found this to be very easy and a great way to navigate in specific area. You can also drag the out area of the top right box to move around the area that you are in.

So you have a large view on the left, small view on the top right, and images of the location on the bottom right. Personally, I love it.

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