Have you ever needed to resize an image and/or add effects to it, but didn’t have access to an image editor? Or perhaps just too lazy to go into one! Then checkout PicResize.com. This website will allow you to upload an image, choose a size to resize it to, if any, and choose an effect (optional).

At PicResize.com, you are given multiple options. You have the option of selecting to resize an image by 75%, 50%, 25%, or a custom percentage. (Note: if you leave custom percentage blank, it will do 100% automatically).

You also have the option to choose an effect. The available effects are: Equalize, Gaussian Blur, Grayscale, Oil Paint, Raise, Sharpen, Spread, Rotate 90 (Clockwise), Rotate 90 (Counter-Clockwise), Rotate 180 (Flip), or Raised Frame (you can choose the color of the framing too).

Lastly, when you are done selecting all the options your are given, you can tell it to resize your picture as a JPG, GIF, or PNG image format. Great tool that is fast, free, and very easy to do.

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3 Comments on “PicResize: Online Image Resizing”

  1. J.G. Herringshaw says:

    I tried picresize and all I got was this: “Cannot create image of such type” when selecting .jpg’s. I watched the video, they used .jpg’s. It doesn’t say you have to download the program first. May you do.

  2. Internet Website Design says:

    Now this seems cool/promising. I don’t always have to open Photoshop or lug my laptop around to do some basic things with images, for example, 10 megapixel-sized photos that need to be shrunk to email. I just wonder if a larger file size would slow up PicResize.

  3. dave says:

    i’am looking for a flash solution that permit to resize picture directly on my website