Sid Yadav writes, “33 Places to Hangout in the Social Networking Era,” a roundup of 33 different social networking sites, each with descriptions and recommended demographics. Sid covers general social networking sites that anyone can jump into as well as niche related networking sites that are perfect for someone with high interest in a topic.

3 Comments on “33 Places in the Social Networking Era”

  1. scott rocher says:

    he left a few out including The Black Stripe (

  2. Sid Yadav says:

    Hi Brain,
    Thanks for your mention, much appreciate it.

    It wasn’t that I intentionally ‘left it out,’ but for some reason it didn’t pop up while I was making the list. I would add to it but unfortunately 33 is 33. :-(

  3. Darin says:

    I like to use friendster, I have hundreds friend from frienster, including my old friends that even I forget about him/her..