Commentful, launched just yesterday and adding competition for coComment and co.mments, is a tool that allows its users to keep track of discussion on blogs and other various sites. I’ve only been using Commentful for a day and can already see the services strong points. It’s fast, provides a Firefox extension for simple tracking, and has a main focus of notifying you about new comments.

Unlike coComment and co.mments, Commentful will only notify you of new comments rather then scraping the comment itself from the site and displaying it. What I like about this is that I find that even though coComment displays comments on its site and other details, I still visit the actual site where the comments are because I’d rather read them there. All I want is to be notified of new comments and that is all Commentful will do. Commentful also works for any comments made on a site whether the commenter is a Commentful user or not unlike coComment where only registered user comments are tracked.

Commentful provides you with two methods of notification. The first is by simply logging in and viewing your watchlist of sites that you are tracking. If a site title is red and bold, new comments have been added to it. The other option is by installing the Firefox extension which really makes the whole experience even better.

Installing the Commentful Firefox extension will add a yellow circle to your Firefox navigation toolbar. The extension will then automatically ping Commentful every 5 minutes to check the sites in your watchlist and if a new comment is found, the extension will make the yellow circle start blinking red. Clicking the red button will bring you to your watchlist so you can easily view all unread sites. Furthermore, the extension will not only notify you of new comments but also allow you to easily add a site to your watchlist by right clicking on a site and selecting “Add to commentful.”

Commentful currently allows you to add up to 30 sites to your watchlist and will check them for new comments at a maximum of 3 days. After 3 days, the site will be removed from your list and a slot will be freed to track another site. Commentful also supports almost all blogging platforms including WordPress, Movabltype, Blogger and more. Other sites supported include vBulleting forum threads, Digg, Flickr, Zooomr and so on. If a site you are trying to track does not work, simply contact Commentful and they will try to get it going for you.

Overall, Commentful works great and instantly notifies you of new discussion. I don’t need a service to show me new comments or to group them by tags or anything like that, I just want to know when more discussion has been made at a site and that’s all. The Firefox extension makes using Commentful a breeze and even though there are limitations on the amount of time a site is tracked, I found that it’s usually enough time, although I would prefer more then just 3 days just to be safe. I also found it neat how it can track many kinds of sites including blogs, photo sharing sites, video sharing sites, and even forums.

Commentful has been created by Kailash Nadh, maker of, and is in association with ACS.

View Commentful for Discussion Tracking (via Performancing Launchpad).

Update: Pete Cashmore of Mashable has more on Commentful.

17 Comments on “Track Blog Discussion with Commentful”

  1. Hiten Shah says:

    Brian, Thanks for the review of Commentful. We are trying to keep it simple and easy to monitor comments anywhere. I have been wanting this for a long time now!

  2. Noah Winecoff says:

    Tracking comments of any commentor and not just registered users is a great feature. Too bad cocomment doesn’t have this. I’d like to see a flock version of their firefox extension. Great post.

  3. Jack Yan says:

    Hmm, different enough to be useful, though coComment has become habitual for me. The down sides are when I get DNS errors with coComment (as in right now, so I can’t register this comment). In any case, I think Commentful will be successful, because it offers something different, and its mixture of services could be considered superior by many.

  4. Yaron says:

    I usually find the need to track comments over long-term more important than for the first few days.

    When the post commented on is fresh, there’s a good chance for more comments in the next few days, so visiting the original post a couple of times isn’t a big hassle.
    The problem starts after a while, when additional comments are rare, but may still be interesting to keep track of.

  5. Paul Westbrook says:

    coComment will track comments for non coComment-registered users. There are plugins that can be installed on blog systems that will track all comments to that blog.

    I have installed a plugin on my blog.

  6. ?????? - Gilli » Track Blog Discussion with Commentful says:

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  7. Kailash Nadh says:

    RE: Paul Westbrook

    Commentful doesn’t need any setups on the blogger’s side to work and it can track almost all the blogging platforms out there.

  8. Ryan Williams says:

    Interesting market gap that’s being filled here. Although some blogs utilise one of those comment subscription email plugins, it’s very hit-and-miss and you often end up forgetting to check for days. I do, anyway!

    Only thing that concerns me is the three day limit. Seems like something that could turn into a widespread issue with the service due to the tendency for certain post’s comments to go on for quite a while.

  9. hobbithob says:

    hey this is good, but how do i add a commentful button on my ie explorer? without an ie extension it won’t be that exciting for many ie users…

  10. Hiten Shah says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments about Commentful. We are planning on increasing the 3 day limit, it was invoked in the beginning to make sure we knew how much load the application would take. Now that we have a good idea, we are going to extend the limit, and also add a few more simple, but useful features. Hobbithob: We will be coming up with a IE button in the near future.

  11. ed says:

    I’m a beginner blogger (2 weeks)…but, I like the design of your site.

  12. Dennis says:

    Brian, I ran across your post here on Commentful only after posting about them on my site this morning. I have been using them for about a week and it is great. So much better than anything I have seen.

  13. Stephanie Booth says:

    Noah: coComment does track comments by everybody, now, whether the blog is “integrated” or not (as long as it’s parsable)

    What coComment cannot (yet!) do is track conversations for you that you haven’t participated in.

  14. Steve George says:

    I think the competition is going to be good for these comment services. Extending the conversation metaphor an important part of the growth we’ve seen.

    I’ve been pretty happy with coComment so far. And they just released a new version that scrapes all comments – not just users of coComment. So if you take part in a discussion and somebody isn’t using coComment you still get notified. For me that was the big missing feature.

    You can also put comments onto pages that don’t have comment capability. For example here’s a coComment page for an article on the BBC about citizen journalism aka blogging:

  15. Boomerang » Blog Archive » Comments are Appreciated With Commentful says:

    [...] Blog SolutionWatch reports the launch of new service Commentful, a tool that allows users to keep track of discussions on new media sites. Users create a watchlist of sites to track and are notified of updates when they log into their account. A FireFox extension is also available, which provides real-time updates. This is useful for anyone who needs to keep track of ongoing discussions that might affect their clients, but doesn’t have the resources to baby-sit the conversation. Oh, and Commentful isn’t the first in this space – competitors include coComment and co.mments. [...]

  16. tihopilik says:


    I can’t be bothered with anything these days, but shrug. I just don’t have anything to say recently.


  17. ali says:

    please button for Opera browser ?????