Have trouble keeping up with your bills? Try BillQ, a recently launched service that allows its users to easily add bills to their account and receive notification of upcoming payments. As Postbubble has said, BillQ gets the simple concept of reminders that many banks and financial services lack. Sure, bank software can help you pay your bills, but they aren’t too helpful when it comes to keeping up with them. With BillQ, users can schedule bills, create groups of people that take part in bills, and even receive reminders of upcoming bills by email or SMS.

BillQ works much like your average task reminder service. The main difference being that rather then receiving notifications of tasks, you receive notifications for your un-paid bills. You simply add your bills with the payee name, amount to be paid, and repeat date (if any). The bill will then be added to your account and will show up when the payment due date is near as well as email you or send an SMS to your phone so you won’t miss any deadlines. Your only task is to pay the bill and mark the bill as paid in your BillQ account.

BillQ is also helpful for managing bills involving multiple people. To get started, head to the Groups section and create new groups of people that are to take part in specific bills. Then, when adding bills to your account, select a group and you will be able to assign a payment amount for each person of the group. Each person in the group will then receive their own accounts letting them login and check off that they have paid their part of the bill.

Overall, I like BillQ because it’s a service that many people actually need. I’ll admit, there have been times that I’ve forgotten about a bill up to the last minute and hopefully by using BillQ, I will never have that problem again.

13 Comments on “Keep Track of Bills with BillQ”

  1. Ahmed says:

    It looks like a very useful service. I’ve been currently keeping track of my bills on Ta-Da lists, but even those have slipped my mind every so often. I like the notification features of the application, that is probably the most useful feature.

  2. Rob says:

    Can somebody please explain why online apps that deal with currency often launch with only support for a single currency which is often dollars. Surely the app treats any monies as an arbitrary number and therefore it is irrelevant what currency it uses. The database will only care about numbers and not whether it’s dollars or pounds. Of course the default currency should be set to either the target user or the developers currency but by simply allowing a user to set the currency to their own the product becomes infinitely more useful to a far wider user base.

    Apologies for the semi-rant but I’ve spent the day looking for a simple online personal finance service and come across this problem lot’s of times. Can anyone recommend an alternative to something like dimewise.com (preferably with user set currency!)


  3. When will Web 2.0 become real? at gregword says:

    [...] SolutionWatch posts about BillQ.  This service looks awesome, exactly like something I need, except I’m really not in the mood to sign up for yet another site, with yet another username and password. [...]

  4. Zack says:

    Hey Rob,

    Sorry that billQ doesn’t support alternate currencies right now. For version 1.0 we wanted to just get the service out there, and being that over 80% of our audience uses $, that was all we decided to support at that time. But, we are actually going to be making a major update (which will include this feature plus much much more) to billQ in the coming week. Hopefully the updates will be more helpful.

  5. Never forget your bills again says:

    [...] Update: Brian Benzinger at Solution Watch just did one of his step by step review of BillQ. [...]

  6. Greg says:

    Just do yourself a favor and use Paytrust, and you’ll never have to worry about when to pay bills. Yes it costs money, but the time, postage and late fee avoidance more than makes up for it. Plus even your paper bills can be automatically paid.

  7. Abhishek says:

    I signed up for this hoping the service would also let me pay my bills online. Alas it was only a reminder service.

    Now I am thinking as why I would use this service ever. Bank of America and Wells Fargo do a great job of bill tracking and payment online. They have great notifications and e-bills cpability.

    I just dont know why anyone would use this if they have a checking account with any of these banks.

    I seriously recommend adding the bill payment feature.


  8. Nick says:

    Hey Abhishek,

    Thanks for the comment. Right now, bill payment is a completely different animal for us. We would have to get banks to open up their service and allow us to integrate. Not to mention how many banks this would have to happen with.

    While this has definetly something that we have talked about, it isn’t plausible right now. We do have some other plans to expand this app into more of a personal finance suite, so billQ is just the tip of the iceberg. We hope you stay tuned.

  9. Abhishek says:


    I am sure you guys are aggressively thinking of this. How about enabling payments via PayPal instead of integrating with Banks. Also banks may not be interested in hooking up with you as at some level you compete with part of their offering.

    I am sure you can enable PayPal or credit card payment of bills. These payments can result in you electronically submitting the money to the merchant or mailing a physical check.


  10. Nick says:

    Interesting Idea Abhishek. While we definetly agree bank integration is ideal, maybe some form of PayPal or Credit Card process would be helpful. We’ll continue to think about it as we improve billQ. Thanks again for the suggestions.

  11. Abhishek says:


    Just dont forget to send my 10% ;-)


  12. Kevin P says:

    excellent application. I’ve been enjoying the SMS messages, especially since billQ allowed the SMS to be sent on a time of my discretion.

  13. Hector says:

    BillQ is a wonerful idea, but the application fails most of the time. I tried it on FireFox and IE and it freezes half the time. Especially when I am adding a new bill or updating one. It takes about 15 seconds once I click the “Add” button after I have entered all the info. I have also experience Rails error. I don’t think the problem is with Ruby On Rails, but the server processing the information. I’m a developer myself and I know that posting small info such as a new bill should not take that long. I hope this is resolved because I like it.