Pandora, known for its online music recommendation radio, has extended its offerings with Backstage, a service that allows listeners to search and learn about artists. In Pandora’s original state, you login and start listening to the online radio as new artist recommendations come in one after the other, but the only problem was that there was no easy way to learn about the artists. Now, while music plays in the Pandora player, users can access the backstage and search for results based on the artist, song, and album that they are listening to.

Searching an artist returns the artists full biography and discography, powered by All Music Guide, as well as a list of similar artists. Furthermore, users can narrow down into artists albums and listen to sample music, learn about the album, and even learn about individual songs from an artist. Users can also bookmark artists to their profile, create a radio station for recommendations, and purchase their music with the iTunes and Amazon buttons on the left of artist biographies.

This is a great move for Pandora. I’m a big fan of music recommendation services, such as Pandora and, and until the recent launch of Backstage, Pandora didn’t have any real information to provide its listeners about the artists. however has done this for quite some time, but in a more social manor where listeners can improve biographies, tag artists, and even view overall statistics of the artists activity on the service. I don’t know if Pandora is headed in this direction or not, but whatever the case, it is great to finally have a built-in resource to learn about the artists that are being recommended.

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  1. Derrick Shields says:

    I love Pandora, this new functionality is great. I’ve been using the service for a few months now. I’ve got it set to automatically open in Firefox as one of my home-tabs. I do prefer it over

  2. VANDREA says: