Blue Dot is a new service which moved into public beta last week that has the aim of using social networks for sharing digital information. At first glance, I thought it was just another social bookmarking site, although after I played around a bit, I found that it’s much more then that and has some great potential. As Genbeta put it (thank you, Google Translate), it’s more of an aggregator that allows you to track what your friends in your network are bookmarking or “dotting.” With Blue Dot, you can look at multiple friends in your network at once to view, comment, and dot their shared dots. You can also find new friends, invite friends and family to join your network, explore the Blue Dot community of dotted content, and even customize your profile.

Blue Dot has a great looking design and it’s interface is very well laid out making it easy to use and navigate. The main page gets right to it and displays dots (bookmarks) created by friends in your network. But rather then simply listing all the dots from inside your network like many social bookmarking sites do, Blue Dot creates a seperate container for each friend. Each container shows your friends latest dots, number of new dots since your last visit, and little arrows on the top right that lets you navigate through all of your friends dots within that one small container. I’m really liking the container idea because it allows me to easily see activity of multiple friends in my network on one single page.

Blue Dot offers a great tool which you can optionally use with the service to make dotting the web easier. Firefox users have to drag two bookmarklet butons on their toolbar while Internet Explorer users have to install the Blue Dot toolbar. Then, as you browse through the web and come across a site you want to share with your network, simply click the “Dot This!” button and a new box will appear at the top right of the site. This box allows you to fill in basic information about the site, which also includes pre-fetched descriptions and images selected by Blue Dot. All you usually have to do is just fill in a few tags and optionally select an image to assign with your bookmark. Even assigning an image to your dot is simple because, similar to Kaboodle, Blue Dot will grab all images on the site you are saving to your network and allow you to simply select one of them to associate the dot with. Now, if for some reason you don’t want to use Blue Dot’s tool or you are away from your computing, you may still easily dot any website by using their “Dot From Anywhere” section that is just a basic form on their site allowing you to manually add a site to your network.

One feature that I found interesting that I haven’t seen in a similar social service before is a feature that Blue Dot calls, “Auto Dotting.” The idea is that if you are a blogger, why not publicize your posts that you make in your network of friends? Blue Dot allows you to hook up your blog to the service and will immediately insert your most recent posts. Then, every half-hour, Blue Dot will check your blogs RSS feed looking for new posts and automatically dot it. Only hosted blogging platforms are supported including WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, and MySpace. I’d imagine if the Blue Dot community and your network gets large enough, this feature can really help in getting your blog posts seen. Neat tool.

I feel Blue Dot is very well made and has a unique system that definitely helps seperate it from similar services. It’s like a social bookmarking site, except it has much heavier social networking features implemented into it and I feel that’s where it strikes the gold. You can view bookmarks from individual friends in your network, find and invite friends, and explore the many dottings by other users. You can also add Blue Dot widgets to your website that show your most recent dots. But just like every new social bookmarking site, it makes me wonder how well it will do against its competition. But all-in-all, Blue Dot has a great system and I’m definitely excited to see how the service progresses.

One last note. I’m under the username of “bbenzinger.” If you signup to Blue Dot, look me up and friend me! I’d love to see what you all dot ;-).

Blue Dot – Bookmark with Your Social Network.

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  1. Sung Park says:

    Thank You!

  2. Nikki Chau says:

    Hey Brian, glad you’re using Blue Dot and liking it. What other social bookmarking sites do you use?


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  4. Jigna Patel says:

    Thanks for the thorough review, Brian. Welcome to Blue Dot!

  5. Derek Slager says:

    Hi Brian, thanks for the great write up. One thing I’d like to clarify — the toolbar installation is optional for IE users. We also have a “favorites” install option similar to our Firefox / Safari versions.

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  8. Olaf says:

    Thanks, tried, didn’t love it, sticking with the faithful Simpy, which rocks, by the way.

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  14. says:

    [...] But we have social bookmarking fatigue and there’s no getting away from it. Once the clones started springing up, I think the only positive review we gave was to BlueDot, a site that moved the idea forward by adding a MySpace-like social network and page customization – it also helped that they had seeded the network with students to kick start the network effects. Snipitron will also be seeding with a class of students, but I don’t see the same innovation here. We’ll give them a break because it’s pre-beta and they’ve promised a bunch more stuff coming, but social bookmarking sites will need to do something dramatically different to regain my interest. [...]

  15. Philippe Pedersen says:

    Good article. I just started using bluedot. The two features I really like are the abilities to import from and to auto-dot from my blog.

  16. Maira Fedmyer says:

    U have anything for my profile?

  17. Hqaman says:

    Blue dot made a difference for the hookahs here. Hooka time!

  18. Mike Andrew says:

    The Canopy Channel –

    Online Social Networking Library where you can publish magazine style articles, photographs, video and audio clips and even long essays and novels.

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    [...] Blue Dot*:[PR6] (BETA) previously called Blue.Us. Released on the 14th Juin 2006. Web2.0 social network and bookmarks network using Tags. Internal messages and comments tracking with notification, related tags and ‘see who bookmarked’[info] [14/06/06] [Blog/RSS] [review] [User] Some features: Import from with tags. Tabbed user page showing friends, bookmarks, related tags. Search all/user/my bookmarks/people. View users by activity or Alpha. View bookmarks by list or image and tag; Organize friends by lists; Internal mail; Mail; Import contects from AOL/Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo; Invite and manage invitations; Profile with Avatar;User page themes; one click friend request; Bookmarking features: 2 click in page copy(click-note/tag-click), 2 click delete(click confirme); description; add comment; suggest while you type; choose image from the page. Tools: in page bookmarklet with text clipping and possibility to choose extracted images. Search bookmarklets(link, link). IE toolbar. Blogsync. 4 Blog widgets with preview(Images/Flash/Links/headings only). RSS/2.0/Atom 1.0/Atom 2.0 What’s special: Let’s you quickly login even using the bookmarklet without loseing the page! Pre-entered tags. [...]

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  21. Jen says:

    Nice review. We have also launched a social bookmarking network at Our interface also very visually pleasing, simple, and easy to use. Even though I work there, I use it every day and would regardless. It really has made my life on the Internet much easier to manage.

  22. InvisibleLA says:

    Blue Dot has a great looking design. I’m going to friend you!

  23. Molly says:

    Check out xerpi, which is a bookmarking tool that also allows access to friend’s favorites as well as public views. Xerpi has a great organic visual layout, backup & access to your favorites from any computer. Drag & drop menus and the community access + helpful navigation tools allow you to quickly tailor your ‘web surfs’ to your ‘web favs’. Go to