SiteSays is a service that, similar to Webride, has the goal of bringing discussion to any website. It involves a simple web-based interface and a Firefox extension that allows you to view and submit comments easily as you browse the web. The service isn’t anything big in terms of what it features, but that is what I like so much about it. You just install the Firefox extension and as you browse the web you can submit and view comments. It reminds me much of the Google Blogger Web Comments extension for Firefox, except Google’s returns blog postings of the site your viewing rather then actually visitor comments.

SiteSays makes it quick and simple to view comments as your browse. You can optionally have the extension on or off by clicking the SiteSays icon in your browser, and if on, comments will be shown as you navigate to any webpage. The SiteSays extension appears on the bottom right of your browser so it isn’t in your way and shows one comment at a time with next and previous buttons to look through more comments. If you feel you have something to say or want to continue in a coversation, simply click on the “Say something…” link at the bottom of the SiteSays box. A new window will pop up and you can add to the discussion for everyone to see when they visit that webpage.

SiteSays also displays recent comments and popular webpages on it’s website. Popular webpages are pages that contain the most discussion, although I don’t believe it has any unique algorithms to say what is popular at the time or not (like popular), but it’s still a nice addition. You can also search for comments and view comments by member at the website (here are my comments).

Overall, the main reason why I like SiteSays is because of the Firefox extension. Without it, I probably wouldn’t have thought too much of the service. It makes things quick and simple and being able to instantly see comments as a webpage opens is excellent. It also appears more is coming too as the preferences area of the extension show’s a group area coming soon. At this time Firefox is the only supported browser and I haven’t seen any plans of supporting other browsers.

View SiteSays Web Comments for Firefox.

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  1. Dennis Bullock says:

    Let me see if I understand this tool. Is it like coComment where it tracks all my comments that I leave on other sites? I dislike coComment because it doesnt seem to work on all sites. Let me know.

  2. Brian Benzinger says:

    Hey Dennis, thanks for the question. SiteSays is actually a different service that doesn’t track comments from blogs but just comments that users submit using the extension. In other words, its an extension that allows you to comment on any website – doesn’t have to be a blog – and it will add the comment to SiteSays for others to see when they visit the site and if they have the extension. It’s only comments between SiteSays users and works for anysite.

    coComment on the other hand is a comment system for blogs specifically so users can track feedback from posts.

    Hope that made some sense.

  3. Dennis Bullock says:

    Ah, gotcha….it captures comments (thoughts) about the site. Interesting…

  4. Klim says:

    The problem with these neat ideas is acquiring a userbase, which is kinda essential. Why make a comment that migh never be read? (unless you are on some big site, then a few people might notice it) Extension = already limiting users. Firefox only? More still.

    There are quite a few similiar services that I don’t see “making it”, even thought I’d like them to.

    Diigo – One of the many web notes providers.
    Chatsum – Difficult to find anyone on the same page that ALSO has chatsum installed. Even Digg is empty.

    Both (and more) work as Firefox extensions. How are they to become populated?

  5. Brian Benzinger says:

    Your right on the spot, Klim. It certainly is essential that services, such as SiteSays, require a good sized userbase (which is actually one of the reasons I wrote about SiteSays… I hoped I could get more users to see it more in action). It’s hard to start a service that is so dependent on its users. I’ve never used Chatsum myself, although I’d imagine it pointless because like you said, you rarely find someone to talk to. Great comment, Klim. Thanks!

  6. Maggie says:

    Hi Klim & Brian,

    Thanks for bringing up Diigo. While toolbar (FF, IE & Flock) certainly is an essential companion for a rich user experience with Diigo, we’re developing additional tools to support web annotation without toolbar installed! Thus, via our Diigolet (a bookmarketlet that just drag & drop), one will have instant access to our basic web annotation features (highlight, add sticky note, forward & bookmark). Also, now you can forward and share your annotated pages to anyone without Diigo toolbar or Diigolet installed. Similarly, our unique Enhanced Linkrolls let you share your annotated webpages with the world, so that your site readers can click and view your latest annotated webpages along with your public highlights / sticky notes. Again, no Diigo toolbar / Diigolet required!

    Surely, acquiring meaningful userbase takes time and is a challenge for all new services. We develop Diigo as it arouse out of our personal needs to have a better way to digest and share huge amount of online information, and will continue to focus on developing productivity-enhancing innovations that benefit users from personal, collaborative groups, then social perspectives as the network effect kicks in.

    A good way to summarize Diigo:
    • a useful personal tool, providing a virtual highlighter and pen as users browse the web.

    • a great collaborative tool that allows users to easily forward and share annotated pages , and interact on them in groups.

    • a superior social bookmarking service that can “clips” the highlights and store them with the bookmarks.

    • a powerful social platform that connects readers of the similar interests and enables their easy interactions.

  7. BillyWarhol says:

    Interesting comments Klim*

    I know i live to see comments on my photos at Flickr & i was always amazed how few comments people receive on their Blogs*

    it’s gotta be a lil disheartening to go in & see Zero comments day after day*


    i’ve tried coComment & Diigo & co.mments – & one thing they might want to incorporate is sending U an email to notify U of followup comments* an example of this – i had commented on an article on Widgets in TechCrunch – a week later i was into Mashable! & was surprised to see Pete Cashmore had responded to my comment on TechCrunch. it would have been nice to have something in place so if need be U can followup or correspond in a timely fashion.

    any tools that help Websites or Blogs become less of a dead zone will be greatly appreciated!

  8. Klim says:

    Thanks for the info Maggie, didn’t see that on the site. I will try it out again then. Problem is that I would never drop Blinklist (I love being able to edit bookmarks fast right on the page with Ajax), so another bookmarking service becomes too messy. Gotta find a way to mashup this stuff.

    “Surely, acquiring meaningful userbase takes time and is a challenge for all new services”

    Of course, but the more extensions/services we have that do the same thing, the more fragmented we become, and the less chance there is for a service to acquire enough users.

    It would be great if it was possible to build this kind of universal note/comment layer into browsers, and then services like Diigo can build even more on top of that? (can’t imagine how the spam filtering will work tho)

    @warhol – you might want to try out
    I use cocomment myself (if you use the Firefox extension it gives you a little mail icon when something new comes in) but it rarely picks up on new comments in my threads. Don’t know about co.mment as I haven’t tried it yet.

  9. Serge Lescouarnec says:

    So far, I have used 2 comment tools, ‘cocomments’ and ‘co.mments’.
    I pretty much use only ‘co.mments’ right now.
    Really easy to use, loads up quickly, no blog platform issues.

    Have a good day


  10. TimuM says:

    This is the tool I need for sure..I would like to compare with other similar tools..


  11. gospiel says:

    Hi, Brian Benzinger,
    ich habe Add-on für SiteSays installiert und ein Account angelegt. Aber leider kann ich mich mit meinem Account nicht einloggen. Ich bekomme jedes mal eine ärgerliche Meldung(Siehe unten), wenn ich dei Homepage von SiteSays öffne:
    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(../sessions/, O_RDWR) failed: Disk quota exceeded (122) in /homepages/29/d116427489/htdocs/ on line 6

    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie – headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/29/d116427489/htdocs/ in /homepages/29/d116427489/htdocs/ on line 6

    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /homepages/29/d116427489/htdocs/ in /homepages/29/d116427489/htdocs/ on line 6

  12. gospiel says:

    Woran liegt das?
    Ich kann die Funktion “Say something…” nicht benutzen, denn es anfordert, dass ich mich einloggen soll. Aber mit meinem Account geht nicht.


  13. Justin Reed says:

    Wow your right I’ve always thought about this

  14. Cant Live without FireFox says:

    thanks for the post.. checking on this one

  15. depressione says:

    it s very easy to use, and awesome! thank you for sharing.

  16. Scott says:

    this is a fabulous service. I was actually just thinking about the need for this sort of firefox plug in last nite! then i searched for it and found this….perfect!

    the new web is one about openness, feedback and interactivity…this plug in allows for that on any site, even if they didn’t build that functionality into their model….seriously impressive