No, I’m not going to tell you what the best stuff in the world is. Instead, I’m going to direct you to a service called, The Best Stuff in the World (I’m going to call it TBSW for short), that allows users to say what they feel are the best stuff. It could be anything at all. If you like a certain computer, or maybe a certain drink or food, or even feel Solution Watch is the best in the world (hehe), then why not share it? With TBSW, you can say what you feel is the best in any category, comment, and even say if you feel there is something better then what someone feels is best.

TBSW is a mix of social networking and voting with wiki style editing. To get started, register for an account and fill in your profile. Then simply start browsing through stuff which people feel is the best of the best by browsing through the cloud on the main page or by viewing stuff added to specific categories. In the above screenshot, I went to the category, “The Best News Website.” In this category, users had submitted Digg, Newsvine, BBC News, Popurls, and more. When you select one, you will be directed to a page that includes a screenshot, description, and comments from users. Next to the screenshot of the “best thing,” you will see a total of how many people agree with it being the best and three buttons allowing you to select if you agree or if you feel something else is better and you can also bookmark it if your curious about it. All of your activity is then logged in your profile where users can learn more about you and find stuff that you like best.

The main page also has a field that you can fill in anything that you feel is best. Simply enter anything at all and it will do one of two things: Direct you to a page to add the best stuff along with a description and screenshot; Direct you to a page where you can vote for the stuff if it already exists. Try it, type in anything at all that you like. I like Zend Studio for programming, Starbucks Coffee, and the speakers I use in my office, and I can easily add them and assign them to a categories where others can find it.

The Best Stuff in the World is a fun service, but I also find it to be very helpful because it is in a way like a mini review site for just about anything. I can go to the category, “Best Notebook Computer,” and find what computer people like most and read comments about each of them. I can see a list of stuff that others feel are better and I can find people that use the Notebook and comment on their profile asking about it. Looking for a new book to read? Find what author people like best and try reading one of the authors books. As you can see, TBSW is not only a fun service where you can say what you like, it’s also a service where you can learn what is the best. Have fun!

View The Best Stuff in the World.

8 Comments on “The Best Stuff in the World”

  1. Josh says:

    Wow. Very refreshing to see an actual Web 2.0 product that is actually fresh and useful (i.e., not another photo sharing service). I could see this one being a lot of fun.

  2. BK says:

    I agree with Josh. Finally a web 2.0 product that is unique. I was tired of seeing useless mashups, ajax desktops, youtube clone #11 and myspace killers. The only thing I am wondering is what is their source of revenue?

  3. Mark Devlin says:

    Neither unique, nor new. We have been doing this with Crisscross Favorites for almost six months.

  4. WidgetMaster says:

    Uh… wrong post. Sorry.

  5. Joel says:

    Looks cool. I’ve also heard of a new wikipedia launch call Wikia that will be an opinion-based forum called Wikia. Hope these sites do well:)

  6. Klim says:

    Does spring to mind? Or There are a few more I forgot.

    So, this isn’t new, nor has an appealing design IMHO.
    The problem is that I can never find reviews for the products I look for on these sites. I love the look and feel of Riffs, but I have never found anything I needed on it. Unfortunately, many lack the traffic that is required for it to work.

  7. Mashable* says:

    “The Best Stuff in the World” – MySpace for Stuff…

    The Best Stuff in the World is a social site with a simple aim: to help you find the best stuff. The stuff in question is submitted by users and arranged into categories to make comparisons easier.
    Each item has its own page complete with a scr…

  8. Bigeau Blog says:

    The Best Stuff in the world…

    Ce nouveau site web a un principe assez sympa, chaque internaute propose ou vote pour ce qu’il juge “la meilleur chose du monde” ca va de “Super Mario” à “Firefox” en passant par les “chips”.