Jaded Pixel has just launched the much anticipated Shopify, a complete e-commerce package that allows you to build a complete online store in just minutes. I’ve participated in the private beta and was very impressed with the simple interface and how fast it was to get my store up and running. If you have been wanting to setup an online store to sell your products, Shopify may be the easiest solution out there. The real prize winner for many will be the fact that you do not have to touch one line of code.

With Shopify, anyone can signup for free and create an online store in minutes. In fact, as soon as you register for an account, you will immediately be directed to your online store set with pre-defined content and a Shopify T-Shirt as a sample product. You will then be able to access your administration where you can view orders, manage products, create content, run a blog, and modify its appearance. More importantly, an account holder must supply a payment gateway in order for buyers to order your products. You currently have the choice of PayPal, Authorize.net, and Moneris (new to me) as payment gateways, each being as simple as typing in your login details. Once you’ve got that set, your good to go and orders can then be made. Your only task from that point on is managing your products and keeping an eye on your orders.

Shopify also has a gallery of themes that you may choose from for your store, many created by excellent designers who entered a Shopify theme contest for a prize of an iPod Nano. Although, if you aren’t happy with the themes or would like to create your own custom design for your store, you may very well do so along with the help from there theme development client, Vision.

For an example store that has had some success already, check out Reorganize, a Shopify powered store. Note the domain is not under Shopify’s domain. This is because Reorganize has received early access to the upcoming DNS feature where users can change Domain Nameserver information to point to their own domain for their stores. I have not heard when this feature is expected to go live, but certainly is a feature to get excited about.

Shopify is free, although it collects 3% commission on monthly store sales lower then $10,000 USD and 2% commission for monthly store sales above $10,000 USD. Really, that isn’t all that bad and you’ll definitely be saving a great deal of money because you don’t need to bother about server costs, development, security, etc.. So what are you waiting for? Go get your free Shopify store and start making money!

View Shopify – A shop in minutes, a business for life.

6 Comments on “Shopify Released! A Shop in Minutes.”

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  2. Joe Anderson says:

    Too mainstream for me :D

  3. Brian Benzinger says:

    Haha, yeah. It’s no easy task selling your own products, but atleast there are services like Shopify that allow you to easily create online stores and manage products and orders.

    Our company is working on an online store for our apparel company, Fourword, and we’re going to have to get into all that mess eventually. We’re definitely looking at Shopify as a solution, although we’d be wanting to have DNS capabilities. We also have a lot of custom developments needed for the store though because of some special deals, member personalization, etc., so it’s no easy choice yet, but it’ll probably end up being me building a system. We’ll see.

    Thanks for the comment, Joe.

  4. Richard Quick says:

    Shopify is excellent. I’ve been using it for two weeks and for a web designer with xhtml and css skills it’s SO easy to use. The back end’s slick as hell!

    Check out our new store (soo to go live): http://www.thepasty.com

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