I’ve been having a fun time playing a new web-based multiplayer game called, Sink My Ship. Sink My Ship is a remake of the classic Battleship, a game which I have seen many times before online. However, what makes this one special is its in game chat, drag and drop functionality, and the fact that it’s built with Ajax and Java to bring you real-time multiplayer action. Certainly, I can’t pass up a good ol’ game of Battleship, so I’ve played a few games with some friends (yes, I won… once), spoke to one of the four makers of the game, and have overall enjoyed playing the game.

The game features a lobby where everyone can chat, see who’s online, and accept challenges to play. If anything, this section actually impressed me the most out of the whole game because of all the real-time data and actions being made. First, you login to the game with any name without need of registering making it very quick to get in and play. Immediately you will see a main chat on the left in that everyone in the lobby can communicate. To the right you will see a listing of battles that are in progress or awaiting someone to join and right below that all online players – both updating in real-time as well. So, at this time there are already three constantly updated areas (chat, games, and online players).

Now, lets take it a step further and chat to an individual player. On the right of each player name is an comment icon that when clicked will bring up a private instant messaging window where you can talk one on one with the player rather then in the lobby chat. You can drag and drop, minimize, and close these windows at any time just like a normal Instant Messenger (reminds me much of the early beta stage of Meebo, which is a good thing). You can even open more then one Instant Message window and have conversations with each of your friends. All this while a main chat, games list, and who’s online list are actively updating in the background. There’s quite a bit going on in this one lobby, explaining why it impressed me the most. Now, enough about the lobby. Let’s take a look at the actual game play.

To begin a game, first login (no registration) and either click on the “New Game” button or wait for another player to battle. You will know a player is awaiting a battle because the Games list on the top right will show a “Join Game” button on the side of the players name when the player has activated a new game. You can talk to the player in the lobby before playing or you can simply wait until your game is set because there happens to be a private chat for the two of you during the battle as well. Once in a game you will need to setup your fleet of ships. Using simple drag and drop, place each ship in your area to the left. Once you’ve completed this you will continue to the game and await your opponent to complete their fleet. You then go one at a time until, well, you sink all their battle ships. Each move you make is processed in real-time to your opponents screen displaying attempted bombs and successfully bombed squares. When the game is complete, the winner will see a nice large winner’s graphic while the loser sees a fiery graphic. Then you end up chatting again and starting another game (yes, it gets addicting).

For the most part, Sink My Ship is great and I had a fun time playing it without problem. I was also happy to see activity in the forums from the Sink My Ship Team with posts on fixing bugs and making feature requests happen. There are a few improvements that come to mind, but they all seem to be mentioned in the forums already with response from the team members. The first thing is dealing with instant login and registration of users. Currently, there isn’t registration which is excellent because I love being able to play in an instant. But I think it would make for a much better game if it were an option to register because let’s face it, everyone loves competition and if I can login and view how many games I’ve one compared to my friends, I’d be a happy player. The second improvement that comes to mind is to increase the size of the Instant Message windows and make the message font a tad bigger because it’s a little difficult to read at that size. Lastly, and I’m not sure if it’s possible or not, but a computer player would be excellent because there were times that I wanted to play, but no players were available. Not only that, gives players something to practice with! I’ve seen the registration and computer request in the forum, so I know I’m not alone there.

The main thing that struck my interest with Sink My Ship was what it has achieved in a multiplayer sense using Ajax technology. It makes me wonder where the limit is with online games without the need of browser plugins and extras. Questions like, “How ‘real-time’ can one get with an Ajax multiplayer game?”, repeatedly comes to mind these days seeing one game stepping it up after another.

View Sink My Ship Battleship Game.

Note: Make sure to view the Sink My Ship Blog which contains development updates and some very helpful tutorials on Ajax.

Lastly, if you happen to check out the game tomorrow, keep an eye out for my name, “bbenzinger,” and we’ll chat and possibly play a game or two ;-).

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  2. artem says:

    Hey man, awesome review of the game. [SMS] team appreciates your effort!

  3. SinkMyShip Blog » Blog Archive » Google Analytics (Part 3) says:

    [...] Hey guys, tons of updates, little time. First I need to get something off my chest. I don’t take criticism lightly and my previos blog about slashdot, well, some dude really um dissed me. I decided to delete his comment, don’t want to discourage other users from reading my posts. Plus its an eyesore for me. I tried to live with it and initially approved the comment but then decided otherwise. He had some awful things to say. Anyway, back to the post. As I was checking stats for the first month we’ve been up, I finally figured out how to track multiple weeks. Now, I don’t have much time, I have a final today. I will only mention that we’ve had 3000 users this month, not an astounding number but I’m happy for anything. I love that we have a few loyal visitors/members. Some players actually want us to continue and are willing to register on sites like Digg and vote for us. I love it! A person by the name Brian Benzinger wrote up a neat review of our game on his site. I recommend anyone to read it. I wouldn’t be able to write a review this big even if I tried . Well I could but then the dude who insulted me would have something to say again. Wired blog brings the most users ever since it was posted. Ovelho.com still number one referrer though. But then again, Wired article was released May 19th, Ovelho though, from the get go. I will keep it short even though I’m so excited to write this post. I’m glad there are people like Brian Benzinger and Mike Calore who appreciate the effort. I’m not trying to single them out, I’m grateful for everyone who’ve visited our site. Thank you all and peace. [...]

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    [...] How are you all doing?  Haven you been to our site lately?  I mean the last few days.  Have you seen anything different about it :)?  Ok it all started on May 25th, 2006.  A kind man by the name Brian posted us on Solutionwatch.  Then, a person whose name I don’t know has taken Brian’s review and posted us at Techcrunch.  So we’ve got two great reviews in the same day.  Now the story doesn’t end there.  Apparently, Techcrunch is a huge programming community.  By the time I’ve read the review, there were already 12 comments posted.  So what do I do next?  Well, the thing I love the most, checking the Google Analytics for SMS, of course .  I’m attaching a couple of pictures from Analytics to give you an idea what these two guys have caused us.  If you look at the graph, you can see that as of  5:30pm on Saturday we’ve had 12,095 users.  Trust me most of them have come in the past three days :).  The graph expresess the spike in traffic very well.  Felix had to moderate all day long on Thursday because our server was taking a major hit and he had to restart it once in a while.  The site was unbearable to use, I’m just wondering what our stats would’ve been if a lot of users wouldn’t have left because of slowness.  We did get a lot of negative feedback but most of the feedback was good. We’ve made a lot of friends as well.  Brian is definitely going into our “cool” book.  An ad hoc change that Brian has suggested was to keep pending games on top.  Sam suggested and Fix brought it to life by doing a JavaScript search in the “Games” pane.  Now all of the pending games are listed on top so join in and play.  Also, I’ve met a nice man by the name Chris a.k.a. “cutter”.  He is from Malaysia and he’s agreed to give us a lot of feedback on the forum.  He’s already left a few great ideas.  Hopefully it’s possible with AJAX.  What he wants to see is for screen to rattle and shake when a bomb drops.  As I’m writing this I’m thinking whether it will get annoying.  Maybe we can have an on/off button for special effects.  That would be cool.  Some users have also inquired about sound FX.  It is coming, I believe that’s already in the list of upcoming features.  Also, as we were driving to Queens yesterday with Felix to celebrate his birthday he told me that one gentleman has e-mailed him about an opportunity to work for him using AJAX.  Unfortunately he’s from San Francisco and unless he is ok with us working from home we cannot help him.  Then Fix also has mentioned that some other advertising agency in the veins of Google AdSense has contacted him to advertise on our site.  I told Fix to reply and agree to it.  Apparently they’re paying a bit more than Google.  We’re an equal opportunity employer :).  Roman took a few weeks off from his day-job to work on three of his games.  He might be getting a contract to develop these games further.  I’ve requested that he makes a Flash tutorial and a trailer for our game, if you’ve seen his other work, you know what I’m talking about.  I know I’m forgetting something but its all right, I’ve covered most of the highlights.  My mind is racing, thank you all for your time to read this, play the game and leave your comments! [...]

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  8. lee says:

    this is going to be fun