Have you ever wished to create your own font? I certainly have and personally always had an interest in Bitmap Fonts, or better known as a Pixel Font. These are those really small fonts that are created as what looks, pixel by pixel. Well, now you can very easily with this Free and Online tool, FontEditor BitfontMaker.

I gave BitfontMaker a test run and it really works great. I have always wanted to create my own pixel font, and now I can. And even better, you can view an archive of Pixel Fonts that were created by others, free to download, by going to whats called the, Bitfont Museum.

Give BitfontMaker a try. It’s a lot of fun.

One Comment on “FontEditor BitfontMaker”

  1. asanez says:

    The number of pixels are too little. I need that to have more number of pixels for better smoothness and bigger appearance. That is it is a bigger group of pixels and the results are smoother characters. I also want to download my own font after creating them.