I have been browsing around the Internet and decided to look around at some AJAX developments. AJAX is growing very fast, it is amazing what people can make these days. But, back to topic. I came across two very nice scripts made with AJAX that allow you to communicate with others. One is a Chatroom and the other is a Tagboard.

I first came across “Lace.” “Lace is the application, or framework, that the demo chat room is built upon — a simple, open communications framework. The idea behind Lace is to allow developers to easily create web applications that consistently and continuously share data between multiple clients over HTTP.” In the demo provided by the creator, Brett Stimmerman, is a “simple” chatroom using the framework. I feel that it is a very nice peice of code.

As I was looking at the “Lace” system, somebody made a comment with a link to another solution called, “WordSpewer.” This solution is a Tagboard Plugin for WordPress that uses AJAX to bring tagboards to a more dynamic level. The creator, Andrew Sutherland, says, “It’s almost like chatting on an instant messenging network!” It sure is! As I was testing this Tagboard, I said, “heya” with the name, “guest_579.” About one second later, Andrew replies with, “hi.” The creator and I were actually chatting when I tested this out. You can find an example of this Tagboard on anypage of Andrew’s Blog.

Both of these AJAX solutions seem to work very well, and best of all, they are free to use! Check them out and let the creators know of what a good job they have done in created these solutions.

3 Comments on “AJAX Communications”

  1. Brett says:

    Just now stumbling across this post. Thank you for the kind words!

  2. cartomanzia says:

    i agree with you, they are great solutions

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