BlogBurst, a content syndication service that provides blogs with exposure on major online publisher sites, has recently launched. I personally love what BlogBurst is doing, although there are others that have mixed feelings about the service. BlogBurst provides syndicated blog content to mainstream publishers (such as Washington Post, SF Gate, and the Houston Chronicle) for a fee while blog owners signup and, if accepted, get their content exposure on these mainstream sites. At this point, some of you may be thinking: I give BlogBurst my content to put on a publishers site while they collect on the money, and in turn gives me some exposure? It sounds one-sided and is reasonable to think this, but that is not all. First off, BlogBurst clearly credits all of your content with a link and graphic linking directly to your blog at the top of each post on a mainstream publisher. BlogBurst’s Dave Panos has also said that there will be some kind of compensation for bloggers, but not during the “lighthouse period.” Furthermore, the reason I started blogging in the first place is for my voice to be heard and BlogBurst is definitely helping bloggers accomplish this.

Solution Watch has been accepted to BlogBurst not too long ago and I have been anticipating it’s launch ever since. The time has finally come and it was time to wait to see results. A few days later, and after I wrote a couple posts here at Solution Watch, I logged into the BlogBurst Workbench and was pleased to see some statistics beginning to appear. Nothing major yet, but I felt I should share some of my statistics with you, along with describing how BlogBurst works for bloggers.

BlogBurst is a content syndication service and if your blog has been accepted, you will find your blog and your posts in the Workbench area. Your blog is then categorized and your posts are grabbed from your supplied feed and indexed so anyone can easily search and view your content – this means BlogBurst members and mainstream publishers. As a member, you may also upload a logo and description for your blog, as well as additional information that you feel is worth mentioning, possibly for a publisher to see. Now, take a look at the above screenshot. This is an example of one of my posts in the workbench area. My blogs basic information is provided at the top and an article preview right below it containing my post in the format that it would be seen on a publishers site. As you can see, my blogs logo and description is placed above the actual post and there is also a permanent link to my post at the bottom.

(BlogBurst Preview – Directs to External Document)

Publishers are given editorial management tools to help them filter content according to their needs. If they find content, they can then select it and append it to certain areas of their website using simple Javascript or SOAP or XML API’s, in turn providing their readers with more content. Above is an example of what you may see on a publishers site. This is only an example provided by BlogBurst, but I’m sure you can get a grasp of how it works. Some more examples: BlogBurst Content Preview, SF Gate Travel (middle column), and Houston Chronicle’s Technology (bottom right).

Now that you have a basic idea on how BlogBurst works, lets take a look at some statistics. As of now, BlogBurst does not provide the richest of details but only the basics. You can view graphs on headline impressions, post views, and unique visitors as well as view what posts have been selected by a publisher and statistics for each. The first screenshot above shows my headline impressions, meaning how many times in a day a post of mine has been viewed. As you can see, the numbers are not all that large with my highest count at 15 impressions for one day, but they are results which I am pleased to see knowing BlogBurst has only recently launched.

You can see some more statistics looking at this next screenshot of the Posts and Publishers section which shows each post that made it to a publisher along with headline views, post views, and unique visits. I still don’t quite understand what they mean by unique visits yet because I can’t find any documentation on it, but I would it assume it is either unique post views/visits or unique visits to your site. I am going to assume unique post views on the publishers site though as I have not found a trace of a publisher in my blogs referral logs yet, although that could just be a mistake on my part. With numbers at that size, I don’t expect to receive any visits to my blog, but I do expect they will come soon as this is only the beginning.

Still looking at the above screenshot of Posts and Publishers, you will notice is says “Coming Soon” in the publishers area and I have read in the BlogBurst Blog that they are collecting the data, but they just need to present it. Now, this is the real area of interest that I have. Sure, the other details are nice, but what I really want to see is where my posts are being published. Personally, it isn’t really the statistics that gets to me with BlogBurst. It’s knowing that something I wrote can be seen on a mainstream media site and I would just love to see it myself. I want to be able to see each publisher that has listed my posts, what posts they used, where I can see them (the link to the actual article on the publisher site), and how many views they have received from the publishers site. Of course, the more statistics the merrier, but those are the main ones that I would like and hopefully the BlogBurst team is developing something along those lines.

Overall, I am pretty excited about BlogBurst and like what I am seeing. I expect to see an increase in headline views as the service grows and hopefully it will bring some traffic to my blog as well. I will stick with the service and see how things go. But enough about me, what is your say? Do you like the idea of BlogBurst providing your content to publishers? Why or why not? I personally see mostly positive traits, although there are some low points that I have seen brought up, which some I can agree with while others just don’t concern me. Good traits: BlogBurst gives my voice more exposure; Credit is clearly given with my logo, description, and link back to my blog which can send traffic to my blog; It has been said there will be some kind of compensation in the future for bloggers; It’s just great knowing something I have written has been seen on a major online publisher site. Negative traits for some: You cannot embed ads in your posts (although I’d assume you can provide a different feed without the ads); Mainstream Publishers may hinder search engine rankings for your posts because their sites may have higher PR (page rank); Others feel that BlogBurst may rip them off by not paying bloggers (biggest concern for most because publishers pay a fee for content and some feel exposure is not enough in turn for providing the content). Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments if you have any other concerns as I am interested in hearing your thoughts.

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8 Comments on “BlogBurst – Uniting Blogs and Mainstream Media”

  1. Joe Anderson says:

    I’m a member of BlogBurst – not a single impression :(

  2. Brian Benzinger says:

    Aw, sad to hear that bud. Well, hopefully you’ll get some love soon! Just keep blogging :D

  3. Razib Ahmed says:

    What I feel is that BlogBurst is taking blogging literally to the next level. Now my 2 blogs are displayed in the mainstream media and yesterday one of my blogs has around 4500 headlines impressions. I admit that the actual clicks were almost virtually none but this matter did not discourage me.

  4. Brian Benzinger says:

    Great input, Razib. I can’t agree more that BlogBurst is taking blogging to the next level. It is great seeing Blogs on mainstream sites. It also shows that blogging is a strong media as well and that mainstream publishers realize this. Hopefully more bloggers will get exposure and hopefully get some new readers out of it.

    By the way, 4,500 impressions is very impressive! I am no where near that point. Maybe one of these days though ;-). Anyways, congrats to you on that (what blog was it?).

    As you, the clicks don’t really matter all that much to me. Just seeing that my writing has been on mainstream media before is enough to please me!

  5. Billy Warhol says:

    interesting article Brian!

    the Blog space is Huge getting & keeping readers is tuff!

    Any exposure BlogBurst can offer $Billion Dollar Baloney will be greatly appreciated!!

    Cheers!! Billy ;))

  6. Razib Ahmed says:

    My two blogs:
    They got nearly 7,000 headline impressions yesterday. Well actual clicks is very very insignificant but I am very happy that my blogs are displayed so many times. I guess that the clients of BlogBurst likes news and analysis types of thing. has also been accepted by NewsGator recently.

  7. Steve says:

    Great job, Brian! Thank you very much!

  8. marcuswotznika says:

    Just want to say that you have a really informative and amazing site.
    Really helped me further, much thanks :-)