Itzle is a neat and fun way that allows users to browse to any website and chat in real-time with other Itzle users. Mashable’s writeup brought the service to my attention and I was immediately impressed with what it has to offer, although I have to agree with Pete that the service is more of a novelty then anything. It’s a lot of fun and a neat method of chatting, but when it comes to communicating online, I’ll stick with Instant Messaging clients. It’s cool being able to chat with others at specific sites but it’s just not for me. I must admit though, Itzle is really neat.

The way Itzle works is simple. Browse to any website, or location as they put it, and click on the Itzle bookmarklet that you add to your browser’s bookmarks bar. You will then be sent to an Itzle chat including the site you were viewing in the background and the Itzle Bar at the bottom that you use to chat and manage preferences. Once everything has loaded up, you will see yourself walk out onto the page and other Itzle users will appear if they are at the page you are on.

The Itzle bar on the bottom of the site allows you to communicate and modify your preferences as well as providing a method to find friends and chat locations (websites). Personally, I feel the best part is customizing my account to make my chat guy look like myself! And sorry girls, It appears this is a guys only chat because I couldn’t find a way to turn myself into a girl (not that I am, just looked for it). You can customize your hair, skin, shirt, pants, and even shoes. Once you are all set, take a walk around on the site by clicking at any position on the site. Your guy will walk to the point leaving a trail of footsteps and playing walking sounds (if enabled). Send a message and a bubble will appear next to your self. If you end up talking to someone, you can add them to your friends list by hovering over their name and adding them as a friend. You will then be able not only see your friend on your friends list but you can also see when he/she browses to a different page to chat on.

Itzle is currently in beta and is providing beta test accounts to a limited amount of users. At the time of writing this, there are only 105 slots left, so get to it! I’ll try to keep an active connection on my site so maybe I can chat with some of my visitors!

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    [...] I like speed when it comes to blog searching and when a new service is released, I want to see posts relating to it as soon as possible. For this, I often use Google Blog Search, which is my prefered blog search for immediate results. To test, I analyzed results for Itzle, a service I have reviewed a few hours ago. Before posting, I checked the results for Google Blog Search, Technorati, and Sphere. Google returned two results, Technorati returned one, and Sphere returned zero. I then published my post. I found that Google displayed my post in around 20 minutes of posting and Technorati within the hour, along with the another blog’s post that I originally saw in Google’s results before posting. Sphere however seemed to take a little more then an hour and a half, which really isn’t all that bad, especially for just launching (really, I’m impressed that is already that quick)! But for now, I’m still going to stick with Google when it comes to getting results as soon as possible. [...]

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    Where are you I can’t find you ;)

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    Guys, there also is SamePlace (website) that provides the same kind of service, through a Firefox extension. Currently, it’s under development, released in alpha version only. But it’s quite cool.

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    [...] itzle is a neat idea which allows you to interactively chat with other users who are on the same webpage as you’re on, hence making each one and giving the feel of a physical location. This is a very similar idea to Gabbly, but undoubtedly much much more interactive. I have to agree with others on this, as cool as the idea is (and the service), there’s no real need for it (still very cool though). Comments [...]

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