NEO Binaries is a new community review site with a focus on web applications. Similar to the recent Web 2.0 review site, BuzzShout (TechCrunch Review), users can submit reviews on applications and rate them. Although, NEO Binaries takes it a step further by providing high detailed reviews with editorial reviews, pros and cons, publisher description, user submitted reviews, rating, related links, pricing, and even screenshots! Think style reviews, but for Web 2.0 Applications. Although, only reviews that state, “Full Review!” next to the ratings include all information while others may only include a few details and user reviews.

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NEO Binaries also maintains a blog on the main page with talks of Web 2.0 news and web applications. I have also read in the contribute section that they accept press releases actings as a “launch pad for your web applications” which will be published on the main page and news page.

Registering will give you access to submit user reviews and rate web applications as well as access to the NEO Binaries discussion board with topics on web applications, web 2.0, and tutorials. Anyone can submit an application to NEO Binaries for review and just requires one to fill out a basic submission form.

I really like what I see and the amount of content provided with the full reviews are excellent including basic information to full walk-through’s. But, where’s the tagging? I like BuzzShout’s tagging functionality because it makes it very easy to find what you are looking for, but tagging does not exist in NEO Binaries as of now. In result, I was forced to use the basic search form, but this appears to need some work as well because every results title and description returned is the same! You have to look at the URL of the result to understand what you are looking at. Other then those two drawbacks, I am liking NEO Binaries, subscribed to the RSS Feed, and hope to start seeing more reviews!

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6 Comments on “NEO Binaries Web 2.0 Review Community”

  1. Dhiraj Gupta says:

    I *love* this site!

    They just started up, I guess the minor issues will be fixed soon.

    The news blog is really cool because they pick up the juiciest of the news around and put down what they think about it as well.

    Participation on the site (especially the User Reviews; check out for an example) is rising rapidly, I think this site is really gonna make it to the big league! :)


  2. Donnie Darc-o says:

    Interesting site …. they seem to have a lot of content. I guess this is the closest to for the web 2.0 world. There should be more community features though. I mean is not the greatest community site is it?

    What i would love to see on this site:

    1. more interactivity with the users …. we need to be able to do more than just review and rate applications

    2. a more intutive sign-up form! Damn i aint filling those many fields!

    3. A tag cloud for the applications listed

    4. Like you said it, a better search!

    What I also like about the site is that its not just a blogging system or a simple listing system, its a full fleged portal with a lot of features! Well, there are my 2 cents… Overall a great site! It will go into my spuer picky RSS feed list!

  3. Joe Anderson says:

    …joins… :P

    BTW, did you get my email?

  4. Chrono Tron >> World Wide Weblog » Blog Archive » Neobinaries >> Web 2.0 Directory & Community says:

    [...] One thing that I loved in Neobinaries was it’s blog. It’s blog posts about various Web 2.0 apps from time to time and also about the latest news and so in the web2.0-o-sphere. Overall, Neobinaries is a very good site with a great concept, design and features and if some changes are made about the above-mentioned cons, Neobinaries definitely will rock the world. As I have lost my faith in the 100% democracy concept (thanks to digg), Neobinaries, I feel is quite impressive and has great potential. And a lot of other people like Solution Watch and Brainblog have liked it plus it has been nominated for this month’s NBT! [...]

  5. Mark Campbell says:

    just joined myself.

  6. naqrlj rlyco says:

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