Zoka, a new site similar to LiveMarks, has been released and is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine. But first, let me explain what LiveMarks is for those of you that don’t know. LiveMarks is a site that lets you watch the activity of del.icio.us in real-time and is a site that I have grown to love and become completely addicted to. Thanks to the creator, Alex Bosworth of Source Labs, it is now a site that many, including myself, visit many times a day watching and waiting for bookmarks from other del.icio.us users to stream in. The site provides a list of popular bookmarks on the left and real-time bookmarks on the right, although at times I have found that I want more with filtering of bookmarks. I want to be able to filter an individual tag and see only those bookmarks associated with that tag to come in.

(Direct link to Zoka)

Introducing, Zoka, a new creation by Alex Bosworth that works much like LiveMarks but with custom “Channels” letting you create, in a way, your own personalized LiveMarks. It is very simple. Just go to Zoka and click on “Join Channel.” Then select an already existing channel or create your own. If you have chosen to view an already existing channel, you should start to see some bookmarks streaming in. You may also join multiple channels, each displaying in a seperate tab along the top of the page. Now, notice how all the bookmarks relate to the topic of the channel you have selected? This is possible because a Channel is actually built off of multiple del.ici.ous feeds for seperate tags that then combines all the associated bookmarks onto the one channels page. For example, maybe you are interested in only seeing bookmarks related to Web 2.0, design, programming, or maybe music. With Zoka, you can easily create any channel, associate any tags with it, and then view a live stream of bookmarks filtered the way you like.

Once you have created a Channel, how do you add tags to it? Just click on the link, “Channel Information” on the right column of a channel page and a new lightbox type window will appear. It will then ask you to add each tag seperately adding a new feed for the channel to syndicate. If tags exist that you would not like in the channel, you can easily remove them from the list shown by clicking on the negative icon next to each tag. One thing that I have noticed was that some channels, usually preexisting (ie: Web2.0), has a password field for when adding and removing tags from a channel. It appears that the channels asking for a password are special channels that are modifiable only by the creator of Zoka, although I am not for certain on that.

One last feature that may not be all that noticeable at first is the channel update notification. Lets say you have created 5 channels. It would be a pain to go through each and every one over and over just to check if new bookmarks have come in, so Zoka makes it easy for you by adding a small line under the channel names along the top. When you view a channel, the line will disappear. If you leave the channel, you will eventually see the line appear again, notifying you that a new bookmark has been shown. Nother major, but very helpful.

That’s about all there is to it and I already love it as I do LiveMarks. There are a few minor adjustments that I think would like though. First, I like how you can create multiple channels in one window and have each syndicate bookmarks simultaneously. Although, I found it annoying how if you close the window and open it again, they are all gone. Now, I would imagine a simple solution to solving this would be to save a session/cookie of each channel the client opens. Then next time the page opens, get the list of channels from the session and open each one. That would make things a whole lot easier and make for a more personalized Zoka page. The next thing I would modify would be to make the “Channel Information” link more visible, maybe like a button or graphic. Also possibly adding another button saying, “Add Tag,” making it easier for one to understand how to add more to a channel. And lastly, some of you may be noticing that not all the Favicons next to the bookmarks appear and show an X graphic instead. Maybe there is a way to tell if the icon exists before displaying the bookmark? If it doesn’t exist, show a default Zoka icon. Other than that, I loved everything about Zoka and am certain it will be a new addiction for myself.

Note: Zoka appears to only work in Firefox and partially Safari at this time. Seems to fail in Internet Explorer. Also just a warning that Zoka and LiveMarks can both be very addicting!

View Channel Del.icio.us Bookmarking Live with Zoka (via LiveMarks).

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